Corrie spoilers for next week from explosive trial verdict to Tyrone’s choice

Coronation Street will see the murder trial over the late Seb Franklin come to a close but will it be Corey Brent or Kelly Neelan who is blamed for the death of Nina Lucas’ boyfriend?

Corrie spoilers for next week: Explosive trial verdict to Tyrone’s choice

The storyline of the year for Coronation Street comes to a powerful climax next week.

As the murder trial for Seb Franklin has gone on, there have been two sides fighting to prove who killed the sweet young man.

After some ambiguity, last week’s scenes saw Seb’s girlfriend Nina Lucas finally remember who murdered her boyfriend and it was evil teen Corey Brent.

However, Corey’s family have the financial and legal resources to challenge the claims as he tries to paint a picture where teen witness Kelly Neelan was responsible for what happened.

Will justice be served and will Corey be punished for what he did?

It is bound to be a dramatic week for the ITV drama, here is what is in store.

Kelly Neelan’s mum Laura testifies

On Monday next week, Kelly takes to the stand to deliver her account of Seb’s murder and confirms that Corey killed Seb despite her please for him to stop.

Kelly Neelan will see her mother Laura deliver an emotional testimony next week

However, Corey’s lawyer Sabeen paints a picture where Kelly killed Seb to impress her crush, Corey.

After this, Kelly’s mother Laura gives her own testimony to defend her daughter and describes what a good person she is.

Will Laura’s help actually do some good for her daughter?

The jury reaches its verdict over Seb Franklin’s murder

Following the closing speeches from Imran and Sabeen Habeeb, the jury heads out on Monday to make their verdict.

Seb’s grieving mother Abi Franklin shouts at the jury and asks them to not believe what Corey is saying.

Nina Lucas and uncle Roy Cropper watch as the jury announces its verdict

By Friday, both Abi and Imran are still fighting to prove Kelly is not Seb’s killer and see Corey punished, with Kevin Webster worried that Abi is going to cause issues by investigating if Corey’s dad Stefan bribed a witness.

Meanwhile, Imran shares a drink with his ex-wife Sabeen as they wait for the verdict, but what would his partner Toyah Battersby say?

Will Corey Brent be punished for murdering Seb Franklin?

Finally, the verdict comes in and the result sends shockwaves across Weatherfield.

In the aftermath, further shock news arrives from the prison.

Has justice been done?

Eileen Grimshaw learns the truth about Pat Phelan’s ashes

Also next week, Eileen Grimshaw delivers a eulogy for Patsy before George Shuttleworth finally reveals that the ashes she is mourning actually belong to her murderous ex Pat Phelan.

Eileen flees and then tells her son Todd Grimshaw – who was aware of the ashes – to leave her alone.

Eileen Grimshaw is angered by son Todd in scenes next week

Later, George delivers his strong apology to Eileen for what happened and gives her the choice over what to do with Phelan’s ashes.

After carrying out her wishes, Eileen forgives George and he asks her to give their romance another go.

Could love be in the air for the pair?

Curtis Delamere goes missing

Meanwhile, Emma Brooker is worried next week when her unwell boyfriend Curtis Delamare fails to meet her as planned and worries he may have suffered a collapse due to his condition.

Emma Brooker finds Curtis Delamere drunk in the Rovers Return

In the Rovers Return, Curtis sits drinking to forget the tragedy of his health situation.

Emma and her father Steve McDonald later find Curtis in the pub and he is drunk, prompting Steve to deliver him strong words.

Curtis apologises to Emma and opens up about how difficult not knowing what is causing his health troubles has become for him as he awaits a true diagnosis and prognosis.

Everything becomes clear to Emma just how tough their romantic future could be.

Tyrone Dobbs torn between Fiz Brown and Alina Pop

On Monday, Chesney Brown is not pleased to hear that pyromaniac niece Hope Stape is already heading back to school and still does not want her near his baby son Joseph.

Tyrone Dobbs will be forced to choose between Alina Pop and ex Fiz Brown

Hope’s father Tyrone Dobbs, however, is left torn as fiancee Alina Pop has arranged a call with her family in Romania for them to go and visit, but then ex Fiz Brown turns up needing him to help her collect an unsettled Hope from school.

Later, Hope is persuaded to go back to school, while Tyrone tells Fiz about his and Alina’s holiday plans.

Fiz tells Tyrone that he deserves time away after everything that has happened.

Yet, is Tyrone ready to leave Fiz and Hope behind for Alina?

*Coronation Street airs from 7.30pm on only Monday and Friday next week with two double-bills.

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