Corrie’s Dev leaves son Aadi to die in burning car wreck as he saves Asha

Dev and twins Asha and Aadi are involved in a horrific car crash in the middle of a storm – and the shop owner is forced to make a devastating choice on Corrie

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Dev Alahan will have a difficult choice to make as he is forced to choose which of his children to save from a car crash – and saves his daughter over his son.

During Coronation Street’s explosive week this October, Dev and his twins are involved in a horrific car crash in the middle of a storm.

After managing to drag himself out of the wreck, he has to make the painful and harrowing decision out of which of his children he should help out.

In a devastating spoiler photo, Dev is seen cradling his unconscious daughter Asha as he walks away from the vehicle in the pouring rain in the middle of a storm.

Dev is forced to choose which of his twins to save

Opening up about the tragic scenes, Corrie boss Iain Macleod explained: “The Alahans are a fantastic and very central family, more so now than ever.

“Adam [Hussain] and Tanisha [Gorey] are absolutely brilliant actors and the ongoing story about their tension as twins – the squeaky wheel gets the grease, kind of thing is what Aadi feels.

“Aadi has felt like, ‘Hello I’m over here.’ It’s very believable. The Alahans are the most normal and relatable family to me, their dynamics feel very real.

“The events of this week is heightened but the story that follows is down to earth and grounded. It’s relatable to anyone who has a sibling. I love this family and it creates a resonant story going forward.”

Gangster Harvey, played by Will Mellor, will also be making a return to the street – which was always in the pipeline.

“He was part of my original treatment for this week,” Iain said. “Will is fantastically good – he is incredibly plausible and scary. Long term viewers know I really like to import movie parallel. With Harvey it’s Cape Fear and Terminator 2 if that’s not a bizarre comparison.

“This guy is relentless, dangerous and terrifying. We wanted to do something filmic with him where he is at large and wanting revenge and insert him into this backdrop.

Johnny and Jenny are also involved in the action-packed week

“The end result is very chilling. When I spoke to Will, he was on the other end of the phone, but it sounded like he was rubbing his hands together with glee. The story couldn’t be in better hands. Harvey is like the every day kind of guy you bump into in the pub, but then you spill his pint and all hell kicks off. “

Teasing how the events of the action-packed week could impact the family and other residents, he said: “Having done a number of event weeks, it’s only worth doing if the aftermath is more interesting than the week.

“It’s all very well blowing up the Street so to speak, but it only means so much if it doesn’t change lives or have an aftermath. There are brilliant final chapters but exciting novel and new chapters in other stories – some of which are surprising. It’s a launch pad for Christmas and New Year, absolutely.”

*Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV

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