Dad takes daughter, 2, flying through air at 700ft while mum looks on in fear

Little Matilda Harwood is already showing signs of becoming a little thrill seeker after her dad took her paramotoring – and she loves flying through the air

Dad Louis took little Matilda, 2, out to fly over their hometown

A two-year-old daredevil who takes after her adrenalin-junkie dad accompanied her old man 700ft in the air as they soared around their hometown.

Little Matilda Harwood went paramotoring with dad Louis, 36, and absolutely loved flying above the rooftops of Cleethorpes, where she lives with her family.

Meanwhile Matilda’s mum, Jenny, 37 watched on through her fingers while her husband and tot daughter flew over hear.

The pair flew for about 10 minutes before landing safely – but Matilda’s thirst for a thrill has meant they’ve taken to the skies several times since their first voyage.

Louis, who has loved extreme sports since he was a teen, said: “It took a while to convince Jenny, but Matilda loved it.

Little Matilda went flying above the houses with her dad, Louis


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Louis says he took extra precautions before taking Matilda into the skies


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“She was smiling and laughing the whole time and now whenever I head to the field she says ‘Matilda go flying’.”

Louis did his first skydive when he was just 16, and went on to become a skydiving teacher for 10 years. Then, three years ago, he took up paramotoring.

Although he’s been taking to the skies for years, Louis admits he was nervous about taking “Spud” with him on her first flight. And he wasn’t going to take any risks.

He said: “Before my first time with Matilda, we did thorough safety checks and practice runs.

“There was a lot of preparation and I made sure the weather conditions were absolutely perfect.

“We used a specially designed harness, it may not look like much but the equipment is specially made for her age and weight and we conducted plenty of risk checks.”

He said they might have gone “overboard” with the straps, but he didn’t want to take any risks.

Louis says Matilda smiled the entire journey


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Despite his initial nerves, he insists paramotoring isn’t a dangerous activity.

“It is amazingly safe. You have the motor on your back and the wing above you,” he said.

Once in the air, Louis decided to take it easy and let little Matilda enjoy the surroundings below her.

“It wasn’t that high really, we headed over to the beach, circled around, it was all very nice and gentle and then we came down to land,” he said.

Sitting on her dad’s lap while they glided through the air, Louis said Matilda was “smiling the whole time.”

Louis, Matilda, Louis’s eldest daughter Hillary and his wife Jenny


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To get the tot comfortable with paramotoring, Louis did practise runs with Matilda at home, strapping her onto him.

Mum Jenny, who was relieved to see the pair land safely, said: “When the day finally came and Louis was ready to take her with him, I felt nervous on the ground, but she went off enjoying a snack and came back giggling away.

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“She absolutely loved it so I know her flying adventures have begun.”

Louis says that, although he’s careful with Matilda, he’s learned from his eldest daughter Hillary, six, that kids are “tough creatures.”

He said: “Hillary is a little older so she is more aware now and I think that makes her more nervous.

“I have also taken Hillary flying with me too. She saw her little sister do it and even though I knew she was much more nervous than Matilda, she insisted she wanted to give it a go but I’m not sure if she will be so quick to do it again.

“I want to encourage them both to try anything. I love for them to try new things, to be outside, explore and have fun.”

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