Dead boy’s dad said he’d ‘fill him in’ during ‘WhatsApp message to girlfriend’

Arthur Labinjo-Hughes died aged six in June last year after allegedly being poisoned with salt and exposed to months of abuse

Arthur Labinjo-Hughes died in hospital

WhatsApp messages sent between a couple accused of murdering a six-year-old have been read to a jury hearing the case.

Arthur Labinjo-Hughes died in June last year after allegedly being poisoned with salt and exposed to months of abuse, Birmingham Live reports.

As the second week of the trial began at Coventry Crown Court, a jury heard Emma Tustin sent Arthur’s father, Thomas Hughes, a WhatsApp message saying: “He has been screaming since you left.”

She followed that with an audio clip of Arthur saying: “I want it now, I want daddy if he’s got it”.

A little later Tustin text Hughes: “Please hurry up I’ve had enough of the cheek, little t***”.

She then sent a further message saying: “He’s saying let me go or I’m going to stand here and scream you think ignoring me will shut me up. It won’t.”

On May 25, the court heard Hughes sent Tustin a message saying: “I’m going to fill him in if he says I’ve set him on fire.”

Tustin replied: “Christ man. Little p****.”

Father Tom Hughes, 27, and his girlfriend Emma Tustin are accused of murder



The same day Tustin text Hughes saying: “He don’t wanna be in this family.”

A day later, Tustin is alleged to have sent Hughes a text in the morning saying: “F***ing launch this lying little f***.”

Later that morning she messaged: “Snatched his breakfast and drink. Not even a thanks. Disgraceful.”

A further text said: “He’s screaming he don’t care about me and he hates me. He hopes the baby goes to heaven like the last one. I want to be daddy’s only child. He’s going to stamp on my face he’s just said.”

Hughes replied: “Wow.”

The court was today (Monday) shown a picture Tustin sent to Hughes of Arthur sitting on the floor by the front door.

In a later message Tustin complained Arthur had thrown her new trainers on the floor.

Emma Tustin is accused of murder



Arthur’s father and his girlfriend are accused of murder



The jury was told Tustin sent a text saying: “He’s just called me a little b****. He’s now screaming how dare you say my nan’s horrible and she’s dead.

“I ain’t said s*** I have come straight in the kitchen.”

In another message she said: “He’s screaming ‘I’m not his mom again, his mom is better than I’ll ever be’.”

It is alleged Tustin carried out the fatal assault while in sole care of Arthur at her home in Cranmore Road, Solihull, and fetched her mobile phone immediately afterwards to take a photograph of the youngster as he lay in the hallway.

Prosecutors claim that, despite having her phone, she took 12 minutes to call 999, telling medics that Arthur “fell and banged his head and while on the floor banged his head another five times”.

Hughes, 29, and Tustin, 32, deny murder and child cruelty. The trial continues.

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