Doctor writes book to help fund Ghana school repairs

A retired Dumfries consultant has written a book on his life and career to help fund repairs of his old school in Ghana.

Dr Paul Mensah, 65, took three years to put it together with the aim of donating rhe proceeds towards the cost of renovating and repairing his old school in Ekurabadaze, a small village in the Mfantseman Municipal District of Ghana.

He said: “The costs at the moment are between £12,000 and £15,000.

“Basically, it could have been pulled down but the structure is okay so we are going to do the roof, ceilings and windows.

“I started writing the book initially as an historical account of my life from my little village in Ghana as a child to finally coming over to Dumfries and Galloway as a consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist in 1995.

“To be honest, it was originally meant for my immediate and extended family as a compilation of what I had been relaying to them over the years about the exciting experiences in my life, the triumphs and the few lowdowns.

“A friend of mine took a look at the draft when I visited him in America and he persuaded me to add a bit more information and publish it as a book. So I have been working on it over the last three years.”

He paid tribute to his obstetric secretary, Miss Sarah Anderson, who typed most of the scripts and encouraged him along the way.

The title of the book is “Breaking Through, The Will & The Ability To Go Forward”.

Dr Mensah added: “Over the years, I have been offering scholarships to needy pupils, although most of the pupils are needy, from my village in Ghana to pursue secondary school education.

“I was fortunate to break through from the village in 1970 to attend the best boys boarding secondary school in Ghana at the time, Adisadel College, the former St Nicholas Grammar School in Cape Coast. I saw the state of the middle school in my village on my last visit and was disappointed at how bad it was so decided to renovate it. It must be over 70s years old now.

“This was the reason I invested some of the money for the renovation of the Ekurabadze Junior School by publishing the book and ploughing any profits back to the renovation project and to continue the scholarship scheme.

“The title is taken from a sentence in an English Language textbook I used in the first year of middle school that went: ‘Life is full of opportunities for those who have the will and ability to go forward.’

“The books arrive in the UK at the end of October from the printers in India and my hope is that they will sell quickly so I can organise a team to renovate the village school.”

The book, published by Paulus Publications, will cost £16.99 and will be available locally and on Amazon. Dr Mensah revealed he also has plans for a second book.

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