Emmerdale blackmail horror as Al discovers Paddy’s dark secret

Paddy turns to Kim to get her help in getting Al to leave the Emmerdale for good – and not buy Marlon’s share in the Woolpack – but it doesn’t go to plan…

Paddy Kirk is embroiled in yet more drama after his desperation this week leads to a dark situation next week on Emmerdale.

His nemesis Al ends up blackmailing Paddy, played by Dominic Brunt, after discovering the vet’s plot to get rid of him through less than legal means.

This week, Paddy turns to Kim to get her help in getting Al to leave the Dales for good – and not buy Marlon’s share in the Woolpack.

Kim agrees that she would like to get Al out of HOP, but tells Paddy that he still needs to sweeten the deal by doping her race horse so that she can get the money to keep Al out of the pub.

Kim decides to take advantage of Paddy

Paddy reluctantly agrees and is further backed into a corner when Kim warns him that his situation could worsen if her doped horse doesn’t win the race.

He’s stressed as he listens to the race, but relieved when he hears that the horse had won and receives a packet of cash from Kim.

Next week, Paddy is deeply uncomfortable as he fears that Kim will reveal the truth about what he’s done.

Al overhears Kim and Paddy’s conversation

Kim can’t help but toy with him, teasing that she isn’t sure if she will be able to keep quiet about what he’s done.

Paddy feels trapped as Chas asks him when he’s got more work lined up with the race course, with the pub in dire financial straits.

Later, when he’s with Kim, Paddy is asked to dope her race horse again.

However, the pair don’t realise that they have are being overheard by Al, who decides to make the most of it.

He goes onto corner Paddy and blackmail him.

Will Al come out on top again?

*Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7pm, with additional episodes at 8pm on Thursdays on ITV

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