Football legend Gordon Wallace diagnosed with dementia

Football legend Gordon Wallace has been diagnosed with dementia.

It comes after Denis Law spoke of his own struggle with the same condition last week.

Gordon, 78, who once held the Scottish record for league career goals scored, is keen to raise awareness and to let people know how he is.

Gordon Wallace at Dundee United

“I haven’t spoken to anybody about my condition and folk don’t realise the extent of it,” said the Dundee, Raith Rovers and Dundee United veteran.

“I still remember most people but I forget some. At first I thought it was just my memory as I was getting older.”

Now 78, former player, manager and youth coach Gordon was diagnosed earlier this year but has been undergoing tests for about four years.

He and his wife Marilyn live in Monikie, Angus. They have four children between them and five grandchildren.

Marilyn said: “People in the community know who Gordon is and come up to talk to him. It can be very difficult if people don’t know. So we just want to tell people what we’re living with.

“Loved ones suffer too, having to watch them struggle.

“The diagnosis is mixed dementia. The dementia part is the disruption to organisational skills of the brain, planning things.

“The Alzheimer’s is the memory part, forgetting things or confusion.”

He has been involved with Football Memories groups over the years and still enjoys watching and talking about football.

“I didn’t think about heading the ball when I was playing, I just did it,” he added.

The couple are appealing for in-person support services to reopen following months of closure due to Covid.

Marilyn said: “We have support from family members. Gordon goes to his daughter Gaynor’s every week to watch football and my sons help us out. Angus Carers also phone us. But there could be more in-person support out there for people now, rather than on Zoom.”

A spokesman for Dundee FC said: “Everybody at Dundee Football Club sends our love and best wishes to Gordon and his family.”

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