Fury over release of killer who shattered teen victim’s skull “like an eggshell”

A killer who murdered a 15-year-old schoolboy is set to be released from prison, with many condemning the decision.

Lee Conman was killed by Lee Young, then aged 17, more than a decade ago, with many still able to recall the crime that shocked the city of Hull.

According to Hull Live, teenager shattered his victims skull “like an eggshell” when he bludgeoned him with a heavy stick.

Now, the offender has been granted freedom by the Parole Board and is expected to be released from his lifer sentence within weeks, unless a relative of the victim appeals to have it blocked.

There is currently a statutory 21-day period for any appeals to be submitted.

When news of his impending release broke, the Hull community took to Hull Live’s social media pages to express their outrage that he gets to start his life afresh at the relatively young age of 31, while Lee’s life came to an abrupt and premature end.

The community who still remember the shocking crime has resolutely opposed his release, with one saying: “Should never be let out, him and his mate should have been locked away for good, why should they get to have a life when they have taken one?”

Lee Young, pictured inset as a teenager, is now 31 and set to be freed from jail 15 years after murdering Lee Conman

Another post read: “Should never be released. I hate how the parole board always says that looking after the public’s safety is their number one priority. No it’s not! Monsters like this wouldn’t be released if that was true!”

Others said “life should mean life”, regardless of their behaviour in prison.

“It shouldn’t matter if the person is deemed no risk any more or if they have been well behaved etc when it comes to parole boards, end of the day it should be about justice for the victims,” one said.

DCI Christine Kelk revealed the weapon at Hull Crown Court which was used on Lee.
DCI Christine Kelk revealed the weapon at Hull Crown Court which was used on Lee.

“If they were murdered then the killer should be in prison for life, not 15 years or whatever. He’s a young man still has his whole life ahead of him and he’s a nasty piece of work. Plus think of the victims family left behind, it’s so wrong.”

Another said: “Life should mean life! Lee can’t be resurrected from the grave he was put in by him.”

At the trial at Hull Crown Court, it was heard how on that fateful night, September 22, 2006, Young and co-defendant Leon Thomas Clarkson, also then 17 and both from Bransholme, went out hunting for a victim.

Young and his gang of around 20 spotted Lee and his friend coming out of the Sainsbury’s shop on Ings Road at 10.25pm.

Young grabbed the stick from his friend and struck Lee from behind over the head repeatedly, which the prosecution say broke his skull “like an eggshell”.

He and Clarkson then repeatedly punched and kicked Lee. He died 14 hours later from massive brain injuries. They were convicted of murder and each given life sentences.

However, Clarkson has already been freed and Young could now be walking the streets within weeks.

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