Gaston actor tells woman to leave Disney park after ‘inappropriate’ touching

The Disneyland and Disneyworld theme parks offer enthusiasts from across the globe a chance to meet real-life versions of their treasured animated film characters.

But one woman found herself under fire after she had the opportunity to capture a photo with the actor playing Gaston from Beauty and the Beast.

In footage shot in 2015 which has recently resurfaced after being posted on the social media site Reddit, the woman could be seen attempting to pose for a snap with Gaston when she then cheekily placed both of her hands on his chest – which left the actor outraged.

Gaston demanded the woman leave, but at first it was unclear whether he was being serious or just playing his part as a Disney character, reports The Mirror.

The actor was praised online for his “stern but appropriate response”

Pointing away from the set, he said to her: “Get out. Now. Leave!”

The woman then tried to touch him again, but Gaston stopped her and continued to ask her to leave.

She then said: “Really?”

And Gaston replied: “Yeah, you’re done. There’s children here!”

The video has racked up over 5,400 comments since it was posted this week, and people were shocked that the woman would touch the actor inappropriately without his consent.

One commenter even claimed the woman could have been banned from the park for her actions, stating: “As a former Disney employee I can tell you that characters on any meet and greet put up with all kinds of abuse, from being kicked by children to being groped by teens and adults.

“Characters are trained in their responses to all situations. That being said Gaston provided a stern but appropriate response.

“This woman could be banned from the parks for trying it and usually a character has an accompanying cast member that can report park guest misconduct.”

While another pointed out: “It’s so weird that she continues to touch him.”

And a third praised Gaston for setting a good example to others, writing: “Perfect example to set. Coming from Gaston just makes it 10 times better as a show of respect. Don’t do it, and don’t accept it.”

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