Girls’ night in ruined by cold Korma takeaway disaster and prank call accusation

Bryony Cude, 16, and a group of friends bought three chicken kormas from Ali Raj Indian restaurant and complained it was noticeably undercooked – the restaurant disputed the allegation and accused the teens of being drunk

Bryony Cude, 16, and a group of friends bought three chicken kormas from Ali Raj Indian restaurant and say it came noticeably undercooked

A girl who celebrated her birthday at home with a takeaway says her night was “ruined” after she and her pals were served “cold, raw” chicken kormas.

Bryony Cude, 16, and a group of friends bought three chicken kormas as part of a £45 order from Ali Raj Indian restaurant.

The teen says they waited 90 minutes and claimed the meal arrived noticeably undercooked.

When they rang the restaurant to ask for a refund, their request was refused, DevonLive reports.

Owner and chef Shafique Uddin insist the chicken was not raw and that it was discoloured.

He even accused the girls of playing a practical joke and “smoking or drinking” when they insisted on having their money back.

The group rang the restaurant to ask for a refund or a replacement after this was delivered

Bryony’s father Simon Cude, from Cullompton, said: “My daughter and a few of her friends got together for one of the girl’s birthdays and instead of going out like normal teenagers they decided to have a girls night with a takeaway.

“They ordered the food they wanted and paid for this out of their own money – which they have earnt doing work for different places.

“They waited for over an hour for the food to arrive which they understood with takeaway’s being busy on a Saturday night.

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“When the food arrived it was stone cold so the girls were fine with that and reheated it in a microwave, only to discover that the food wasn’t cooked properly and the chicken was raw.”

Simon said the group then called the restaurant and after a 20-minute conversation a driver came back to pick up the chicken and bring it back to the restaurant for inspection.

The girls later received a phone call to tell them the chicken was not raw.

He said: “They called Ali Raj Takeaway and explained the food wasn’t cooked and asked if they could have either a replacement for the food or a refund – this was refused point-blank saying the girls had probably been smoking or been drinking.

“He then demanded to pick up the uncooked chicken by one of his drivers, which he did and then told the girls there was nothing wrong with it and they will not be getting any refund or replacement food.

“As you can imagine a small party of girls who choose to have a night in instead of being out and about with other friends was ruined.

“I think the way that he handled the situation and the way he had spoken to the girls was just as bad as the food.”

Ali Raj Indian Restaurant has since been contacted to respond to the claims and confirm that the curry in the images is theirs.

The teens said they waited 90 minutes for their takeaway from the Ali Raj Indian restaurant

Owner and Chef Shafique Uddin, said: “We served over 25 chicken kormas, if the chicken was going to be raw I should have got inundated with complaints because we pre-cook the chicken and we serve it in the evening.

“I said I’ll send a driver over and he can pick up the dish and we can check it ourselves, so we sent the driver over and he picked up the chicken and I looked at it, they actually put it in pieces – ripped the chicken all up.

“I saw the chicken but it wasn’t raw, you know sometimes when you get coloured bits, it is not all going to be white, there’s going to be a dark patch.

“Whenever you cook that chicken the dark patch gets even darker but they assumed it was raw and I kept telling them it is not raw – my driver ate the chicken.

“I said I can give you a chicken korma next time and she said ‘oh no we want our full refund’ and I said I can’t do that because the chicken’s not raw in the first place.

“That piece is brown – not all chicken breasts are going to be white.”

When asked if he asked Bryony if she had been drinking or smoking he said: “Yeah I did say that because our conversation went on for over 20 minutes.

“I thought they must have been a little bit drunk or something because they’re not listening to me. I said is this a prank call she said ‘no’ and I said well it sounds like it because all you want is a full refund.

“I said the chicken isn’t raw so I can’t give you a full refund – I’ve got nothing to hide.”

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