‘Government must give more money to battle cancer backlog after pandemic’

The Voice of the Mirror believes more lives could be saved if there was additional funds to increase staffing and equipment in the NHS, which just needs more resources

‘Government must give more money to battle cancer backlog after pandemic’

More cash for cancer

Until the pandemic struck, cancer survival rates were starting to improve.

That progress is in jeopardy because of the pressure placed on the health service by Covid.

A report today warns it could take a decade to clear the backlog of people needing treatment, because as many as 20,000 may have missed being diagnosed in the past 18 months.

Tragically, behind these statistics are thousands of patients for whom it may be too late to cure their cancer.

The Government has pledged an additional £15.8billion to reduce waiting lists, however this is half the amount health chiefs want.

Nor should we forget that one of the reasons the NHS is struggling is because of a decade of under-investment by the Tories.

Cancer specialists say more lives could be saved if there were additional funds to increase staffing levels and replace equipment. Lives could be saved. They just need the resources.

No way back

Keith Vaz may have stood down in 2019 but he should not be allowed to escape his conduct when he was in Parliament.

An independent report yesterday concluded that the MP was guilty of “sustained and unpleasant” bullying of a Commons clerk.

The panel also rapped him for refusing to co-operate with their inquiry.

This is the second time the disgraced former Labour politician has been admonished for his behaviour. He was previously found to have breached the Commons Code of Conduct after the Sunday Mirror revealed he had offered to buy someone a class A drug.

Hopefully, this latest report will ensure that he never returns to public life.

Goalden oldies

It is one thing to make your England debut at the age of 79. It is even more impressive when your 104-year-old father is there to watch the game.

Thankfully, John Shannon Jr did his dad proud as the England over-70s cruised to a three-nil victory over Wales.

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