How to watch Evander Holyfield vs Vitor Belfort on TV and live stream in UK

The controversial Holyfield comeback event takes place in the early hours of Sunday morning for UK viewers, and features the return of David Haye as well as Anderson Silva vs Tito Ortiz

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Fans fear for Evander Holyfield after press conference gaffes

Evander Holyfield will return to the boxing ring aged 58 on Saturday night against former UFC light heavyweight champion Vitor Belfort.

The ex-world heavyweight world champion is stepping back between the ropes to take on the much younger Belfort, who was originally scheduled to face Oscar De La Hoya.

However, when De La Hoya was hospitalised with the coronavirus, Holyfield answered the call and stepped in to take on the legendary MMA fighter, with the fight moving to Florida as a result.

Holyfield had been staying in shape for an exhibition bout with Kevin McBride, which was initially scheduled for June and then August, but fans are concerned that he doesn’t look good in training footage.

The card will also feature two former UFC champions in Anderson Silva and Tito Ortiz swapping their 4oz gloves for 10oz ones, as well as the return of David Haye against Joe Fournier.

The pay-per-view will be rounded out by a high-level contest between Jono Carroll and Andy Vences.

Here’s all you need to know…

How to watch Holyfield vs Belfort on TV and live stream

The Holyfield vs Belfort card will be broadcast on Fite TV in the United Kingdom, with the prelims airing for free before a pay-per-view that will cost £15 for British fans.

You can stream the event live to your TV using the Fite TV app, or watch on your computer.

You can choose the alternate commentary option if you want to hear President Donald Trump and UFC star Jorge Masvidal on the call.

Evander Holyfield will take on Vitor Belfort on Fite TV


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Holyfield vs Belfort UK fight time

The main event for this weekend’s massive night of boxing will take place around 3am for British fans, with David Haye expected to make the walk some time after 1am.

Triller Fight Club events also feature a number of musical performances, so it is hard to know when the fights will all begin.

We saw a number of wacky segments during their Jake Paul vs Ben Askren card in April, so expect to see something similar this time around.

Who is fighting on the undercard?

The card consists of five professional boxing bouts.

Evander Holyfield vs Vitor Belfort

David Haye vs Joe Fournier

Anderson Silva vs Tito Ortiz

Andy Vences vs Jono Carroll

Anthony Chavez vs Diuhl Olguin

What are the rules?

Holyfield vs Belfort will take place under professional boxing rules over eight rounds of two minutes.

The rest of the fights will be contested over three-minute rounds.

All fighters will wear 10 oz gloves.

Quotes corner

Evander Holyfield: “I thought I was getting ready to fight Mike Tyson but now I’m fighting Vitor Belfort.

“So, I’ve been training for two years for that, when they asked me to fight Vitor I said he if wants to do it then I want to do it.

“I put the time in the last two years and I want to get paid for my time. It hasn’t been a week to get ready, I’ve been training for two years.

“I’m more than ready and look forward to the fight.”

Vitor Belfort: “It’s a joy to me to fight Evander Holyfield on Saturday night.

“I remember when I first fought in the UFC tournament, the same month I saw Evander fight Mike Tyson the second time, my dream was to see MMA become as big as boxing.

“He’s the heavyweight king and I’m looking forward to showing my boxing skills on Saturday night – it’s an amazing opportunity for me.”

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