Joel Dommett awkwardly makes saucy sex joke in front of his mum on The Cube

The Masked Singer presenter Joel Dommett played alongside singer Olly Murs on The Cube for Soccer Aid which is presented by This Morning host Phillip Schofield

The Cube: Joel Dommett makes innuendo in front of his mum

Joel Dommett awkwardly made a saucy sex joke in front of his own mother on The Cube for Soccer Aid.

The Masked Singer presenter and comedian took part in the celebrity special to raise money for UNICEF and was joined by X Factor alum and pop singer Olly Murs for the episode.

Ever the joker, Joel dropped some amusing remarks about Olly’s very tight clothes and also spoke of his adoration for The Cube host Phillip Schofield – who made his big TV comeback on Saturday after a summer break from our screens.

However, Joel cracked an awkward joke as he took on a solo challenge in The Cube as his own mother Penny was present in the audience.

Olly Murs and Joel Dommett took on The Cube for Soccer Aid on Saturday night



Joel agreed to take on the tasks of ‘Colour Match’ which saw a bar rolled over light sensors but must be timed to flash red as it passes over each sensor.

As Joel took on the task, Olly commented: “You don’t want to get too excited and go too fast.”

Joel responded with sexual innuendo, replying: “It’s good advice, Olly, in many things.”

Joel made a saucy innuendo despite the fact his mother was in the audience



The Cube host Phillip Schofield did not forget that Joel’s mum was present



In response, both Olly and Phillip were cracking up, before Joel added: “Sometimes I forget that my mum’s here.”

Phillip added: “I was aware!”

Joel’s mum could be seen laughing too as the awkward scenario passed.

Thankfully, Joel succeeded at the task and won him and Olly £2,000 for UNICEF.

The pair went on to win even more money as they began to enter the tens of thousands for UNICEF, with Joel later succeeding at winning them £50,000 for the charity.

Thankfully, Joel’s mum Penny saw the funny side to her son’s cheeky humour



Naturally, viewers at home were impressed by Joel’s performance on the show.

One fan of Joel’s wrote on Twitter : “Joel totally smashing that #TheCube “.

Another viewer tweeted: “Well done Joel and Olly. £2000 secured on a brand new game colour Match”.

Finally, one fan of the comedian concluded: “love how overexcited Joel gets at everything”.

*The Cube for Soccer Aid aired tonight on ITV at 8.30pm and will be available on ITV Hub following its conclusion.

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