‘Joke PM Johnson adds insult to injury by hiding from Covid toll shame in villa’

Instead of relaxing on holiday, Boris Johnson should be apologising for reckless Covid mistakes which needlessly killed tens of thousands of people

Boris Johnson’s absence is insulting

Branded a joke Prime Minister by ­divisive adviser-turned-enemy Dominic Cummings, Boris Johnson is infuriating many by hiding away in his Spanish villa.

Instead of relaxing, he should be apologising for reckless Covid mistakes which needlessly killed tens of thousands of people.

Throw in the energy crisis and chronic shortages caused, in part, by his policies and it seems he has picked a particularly bad time to lie on a sun lounger and play tennis.

Sorry definitely is the hardest word for an arrogant leader of a Government responsible for so many going to early graves.

His absence adds insult to the injury endured by grieving families who lost loved ones who may well have been saved by a more decisive leader.

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Lessons must be learned from the pandemic but those who committed grievous errors, and Johnson sits at the top of the tree as PM, must be scrutinised and held to account.

Queen’s salute

It was republican firebrand Dennis Skinner, the Beast of Bolsover, who observed that age never travels alone.

Today we saw the Queen, 95, using a walking stick for support as she gets on with the job despite her advancing years.

That determination to stay mobile will strike a chord with many people who need or like a walking aid.

Growing physical frailty is an obstacle to overcome and doesn’t signify a dimming spirit or thirst to enjoy life and, in the Queen’s case, serve our country as she has always done.

She’ll certainly receive no stick for using a walking stick.

Coleen wins

It takes real courage for Coleen Rooney to talk so frankly in public about her turbulent marriage to footballer Wayne.

His behaviour off the field once generated headlines but marriages evolve for better or for worse, and a family pulling together will always enjoy the applause of happy fans.

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