Love Island’s Liberty awkwardly confronts Jake about lack of contact since show

Love Island 2021 star Liberty Poole shared an awkward sit-down reunion with ex-boyfriend Jake Cornish in London after returning to the UK

Love Island: Liberty corrects Jake about his lack of contact

Love Island: The Reunion included an awkward reunion between Liberty Poole and Jake Cornish.

The pair were the longest-running couple in the villa but split days before the couple as Liberty ended their romance, believing Jake didn’t love her for who she is.

The former couple went on to depart the villa together as single islanders to leave the four remaining couples to compete in the final.

Despite Jake not being well enough to attend the reunion show on Sunday night on ITV2, a recorded video saw Liberty meet up with best friend Kaz Kamwi to reveal she had experienced little contact with Jake since returning to the UK.

Liberty Poole and Jake Cornish shared an awkward recorded reunion on Love Island’s reunion show



Liberty nervously waited for Jake to arrive to the rooftop location in London and he finally did and said his hellos to both before Kaz left them to it.

As they sat down to speak, Liberty confronted Jake about not being in contact with her since their time on the show ended.

“I FaceTimed you a couple of times,” noted Jake.

“Once,” Liberty correct him.

Jake questioned: “Have I?”

Jake Cornish admitted he had only FaceTimed Liberty once after she corrected him



“Yeah,” said a blank-faced Liberty.

“I FaceTimed you once then,” confirmed Jake.

He then asked how she felt meeting up and Liberty admitted she was nervous to see him as there was still a lot of emotion involved.

“It’s hard obviously I still have feelings for you,” admitted Liberty.

She added: “I just feel like there hasn’t been an effort to make it work properly.”

Liberty Poole revealed she still cared about Jake and hoped he would make more effort



Jake noted that they would not work because he was so busy, but Liberty noted how Kaz and Tyler were making distance and schedules work as they care about each other.

Liberty looked rather crestfallen as Jake admitted he preferred them to be “separate”.

They shared well wishes before parting ways.

*Love Island: The Reunion aired on ITV2 and is available on ITV Hub.

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