Love Island’s Toby Aromolaran got in trouble for punching Tyler Cruickshank

Love Island’s Toby Aromolaran has confessed he got in trouble for punching co-star Tyler Cruickshank in the face, but he insists it was an accident

Love Island’s Toby says he punched Tyler ‘by accident’

Toby Aromolaran punched Tyler Cruickshank in the Love Island villa.

The footballer – who plays with Hashtag United – found love in the villa with girlfriend Chloe Burrows.

But he admitted he got in trouble with show bosses when he punched his co-star “round the face” – but he insisted it was an accident.

Toby joked he was “good” in the villa, compared to everyone else, and he rarely got in trouble with bosses.

“I was good in there, to be honest, compared to everyone else,” he explained in an Instagram Live.

“I only got in trouble one time, and that one time was when I punched Tyler round the face.

Toby met girlfriend Chloe on the show



He confessed he accidentally punched his friend Tyler whilst in the villa


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“It was by accident!” he added.

Before joking: “Or was it by accident…”

Toby was recently asked what his first thought of Chloe was, and he confessed he considered her to be “stuck up”.

“The first time I met Chloe was on that date,” he recalled. “There were six of us, five boys, and it was like a business meeting, so formal.

“So my first thought of her was that she was stuck up, but I guess she was just nervous.

Toby and Chloe made it all the way to the final on Love Island


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“But she never knew, so sshhhh.”

He was asked what made him realise Chloe was the one after unsuccessful brief romances with Abi and Mary.

“Well, I was with Abby and I was with Mary, but for me personally it just wasn’t the same as what I had with Chloe,” he explained.

“So after that I realised that I had to try and get her back. Luckily I did, woo!

“No, I don’t regret nothing. I went in there saying I don’t want to regret anything – and I don’t.

“Look at me now. I’ve got a girlfriend and it’s Chloe. Chloe Burrows from Love Island, so I’m buzzing!”

Chloe is Toby’s first relationship



Chloe thinks she will end up marrying Toby – but before he entered the villa, Toby admitted he had never had a relationship.

“I’ve never had a relationship. Full stop. I don’t know why,” he told The Sun.

“It has never gone right. I don’t know though…if I knew I probably wouldn’t be on the show because I’d probably fix that and then find the relationships.

“I have dated here and there but it has never been more than that. I might say I am a bad texter.

“That might be the problem. I am a bad texter. I am more of a face-to-face person. I like face-to-face interaction a lot.”

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