Man takes out ad to find love but his requests for girlfriend are very specific

Daniel Piechnick, a 41-year-old man from Adelaide, Australia is taking a rather unorthodox approach to finding love and he has some very specific reuqirements for his future partner

Daniel is looking for Mrs Right

In 2016, Daniel Piechnick made a website for himself in the hopes of finding true love, the site is called Single Guy From Adelaide.

After launching the website, the 41-year-old paid for a series of adverts online that would bring other singles to his page.

However, he’s still yet to meet the lucky lady he’s been searching for all these years.

And it might have something to do with a very specific request he has for his future girlfriend – which is that she has to have zero experience when it comes to relationships and sex, just like he does.

In a video on his website, Daniel explained that he wanted a woman who had spent her life focused on her career and saved herself for later when “the time was right”, so they were in the same boat.

He’s set up his own website


Daniel Piechnick)

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But it has been disappointing for him to discover that “no one really does that anymore”.

Despite this, he’s still hopeful he will find someone that he can “do everything, right from the start” with.

“And that’s really why I’m running this site and these ads,” he admits.

As well as not having any dating experience, Daniel’s website states that his ideal partner can be any age, but would be “educated and informed, and very much wants to connect on an intellectual level”.

He goes on to say: “If you enjoy talking about philosophy, literature, science, or anything academic, that would be even better.”

Over the years, while searching Daniel claims he has met some “really nice” women, but so far none of them has ended up being the “right one”.

Those who think they could be his perfect match can email him on his site or arrange a Skype session.

A number of comments have been left in the ‘guest book’ section of his website, with some sending messages of support and others criticising his speicifc wants in a woman.

One person said: “This is a great ad man! Good move and Good luck!”

Another replied: “So you’re basically looking for a virgin gal …. men these days smh.”

A third added: “I do understand you well having waited until I was 30 myself. I had similar thoughts as you seem to have. Hadn’t I met a nice woman then, I also might still be looking for the right one. For me, this woman I met at 30 was the first but also the last woman to date, we’re married since more than a decade now. She did have prior experience, but I had to make a decision back then and I saw me already getting old alone if I stick to my ideal of an equally inexperienced person like I was. In the end, I didn’t regret this decision.”

While someone else posted: “I’m not the woman you seek but I most definitely hope you find her. You seem so kind-hearted and genuine. Good luck love!”

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