Men with hammers smash shop windows amid ‘financial dispute’ as woman screams

Footage of the smash-up captures a woman screaming as a dispute in London escalates into a blazing row ending with a pile of shattered glass on a busy shopping street in west London

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London: Shop window smashed on Edgware Road

Three men have been arrested after a shop window was smashed with hammers as a woman screamed in west London.

The incident is reported to have been sparked by a financial dispute on the busy shopping street.

A woman is heard screaming at two men in footage of the incident as they use the tools to shatter the Edgware Road shop’s front window.

A crowd of bystanders gather as the shopfront is reduced to a pile of shattered glass in a noisy angry row.

Two men are then seen being handcuffed and taken away by police in the clip of the scene, reportedly filmed on the street on Monday afternoon.

Afterwards, a distressed woman wearing a yellow coat can be seen speaking to people about the scene in front of the destroyed shopfront.

Men break the shopfront on Edgware Rd with a hammer as shocked bystanders look on



Police say three men were arrested “on suspicion of criminal damage” and remain in custody.

The Metropolitan Police spokesperson said: “Police were called to a premises in Edgware Road, W2, shortly before 17.45hrs on Monday, 30 August to reports of criminal damage.

“Officers attended. Three men were arrested on suspicion of criminal damage. They have been taken into custody.”

Police arrived as the glass-shattering row spilled out onto the pavement



It is not the first time a property has been smashed up over a dispute.

A homeowner in Leicester discovered builders had demolished his roof and left his front garden covered in rubble after a row with a contractor earlier this year.

The 40-year-old claimed his home, which was valued at around £540,000, was left with a roof missing and front garden covered in rubble after the builder decided to undo the work he’d done after claiming he hadn’t been paid for it.

The property owner claimed he had refused to pay the builder £3,500 over shoddy work.

Thee builder left the building and the homeowner went on holiday – only to be told while on his trip that his house had been reduced nearly to ruins.

He had since reported the incident to Trading Standards, the homeowner said back in June.

A Travelodge worker went on a digger rampage last January after claiming he’d not been paid for his work

And last year, a dad-of-two was jailed for crashing a digger into the entrance of a Travelodge after claiming he wasn’t paid for his work – causing £443,000 worth of damage.

John Manley, 36, from Netherton, Merseyside, admitted to damaging property being reckless as to whether life was endangered and causing criminal damage.

Manley ploughed into the building after a row about not being paid for work as a groundsman at the site while the motel was under construction.

During the digger rampage, Manley reportedly shouted ‘all you had to do was pay me my £600, I told you, six hundred f***ing quid’.”

Manley claimed he was also being tormented by his mother’s voice in his head, Liverpool Crown Court heard.

In sentencing, a judge told Manley had gone on a ‘revenge attack’ and had put lives at risk as he sent him behind bars.

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