Mum forced to send son to school for 4 days without a shower after water cut off

Loyla Akthar, 42, has told how she had to send her son, aged 11, to school for four days without a shower due to no water at her block of flats in Southwark, south London

Loyla Akthar, 42, said she was forced to send her son to school for four days without a shower

A single mum has told how she had to send her son to school without a shower for four days and was worried he could be bullied because her south London flat was left without water.

Loyla Akthar, 42, who lives at the Peabody-owned Douglas flats on the Marshalsea Estate in Southwark, said that there was no water for residents from Monday to Thursday this week.

The pharmaceutical technician said that there was not even any water available to flush toilets in the flats, reported MyLondon.

The hygiene problem caused by no water meant that Ms Akthar was forced to send her 11-year-old son to school without having a shower..

Ms Akthar said: “You do not realise until you’re in that situation how badly you rely on water. My main concern was my son, he had PE two days in a row.

Water was cut off at the Peabody-owned Douglas flats on the Marshalsea Estate in Southwark


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“In primary school kids can be quite mean. I did not want him to go in smelling and be bullied.”

She even got to the point of asking another mum at school if her son could wash himself at their house.

Ms Akthar also complained that Peabody took three days to respond to emails about the issue, while faeces built up in the toilet which she could not flush.

She said that emergency bottled water was given to some of the flats but hers was one of those where they never arrived – despite she claimed it was promised by Peabody.

The water is back running now after four days.

Ms Akthar added: “I am so glad they have got it working again. My son is in the bath right now and he’s loving it.”

A Peabody spokesperson told MyLondon: “We are sorry that people on the estate have not had water this week and we know it’s been a difficult situation for them.

“Our teams have been on the estate since the issue was first reported to us on Tuesday.

“We were checking on vulnerable residents and offering support throughout Tuesday and Wednesday, as well as ensuring that people had bottled water while we identified and fixed the issue.

“We will look into why some people appear not to have received the bottled water we arranged.

“The disruption to the water supply was resolved on Thursday when access to running water was restored.

“It was caused by a leak in the pipes and involved a complex repair replacing a section of pipework which meant the works took longer than expected.

“We will monitor the situation over the weekend to ensure that residents continue to have water.”

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