Mum shares jumper hack to make her son feel less worried starting school

A mum has revealed her secret to ensuring her son doesn’t feel lonely or scared on his first day of school this week – and all the hack needs is a needle and thread

Kat Gurnett’s hack has helped her son Davey feel more comfortable at school

School children in the UK have begun heading back to the classroom for a brand-new year and for some young kids, being without their parents can be a terrifying experience.

But thanks to one mum, children who feel anxious about returning to school can now keep their family close by with a nifty little trick that simply requires sewing two small crosses on the cuff of a school jumper.

Kat Gurnett, 35, posted the hack on her Instagram account last week after discovering it online and realising it would help her five-year-old son Davey feel more relaxed when he began his first week in Year 1.

The two crosses act as ‘kisses’, and Kat told her son he could kiss or rub the little Xs if he started to miss his family because it would “send a little kiss back home”.

The mum told her son he could “send a little kiss back home”


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Kat, from Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, said: “It’s a very emotional time, some kids find it easy, walk in and don’t look back.

“But some find it a bit more difficult which is heartbreaking for the parent.

“I saw things online from other mums about how their kids felt anxious going back to school.

“Some were giving their kids bracelets but I didn’t want to give Davey anything he could lose because he could then spend the day even more upset.

“I explained to him that if he missed us at all he could kiss, rub or hug the kisses and it would send a little kiss to us.”

And the simple hack has already “worked wonders” for Kat and Davey, who have both felt comforted by the kisses.

The mum-of-two added: “When I picked him up from school he said ‘Did you feel my kisses, mummy?’ so it has worked wonders.

“It was as much for me as it was for him. I felt better knowing he had that to comfort him.

“Davey has had some health issues so going back to school was a big deal for us both.”

People on Kat’s Instagram account are loving the idea, with many thanking her for sharing the tip.

One wrote: “Absolutely love this idea!”

While another said: “Thank you for the reminder!! This is what I will be doing tonight.”

And a third posted: “This is such a cute idea!”

Do you have any advice to help parents as their children start school? Let us know in the comments.

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