Mum’s fury as petrol drained from car by thieves after boasting about full tank

Petrol pillagers stole angry Jenni Turner’s fuel hours after she told her neighbours in Erith, south east London, than she was fortunate enough to have a full tank

Jenni Turner, 34, faces a big bill after petrol pillagers drilled into her fuel tank

A woman who bragged to neighbours about having a full tank of petrol had her fuel drained by thieves hours later.

Jenni Turner noticed a puddle of under her Ford Fiesta when she returned home from a walk with her son.

The 34-year-old saw two holes, the size of a five pence piece, had been drilled through the petrol tank it was was later revealed.

The petrol pillagers were captured on a neighbour’s CCTV camera filling up two jerry cans with fuel last Sunday.

Now she faces a big bill to get her car road-worthy again – and to fill up once the work is done.

A lack of HGV drivers and panic buying has meant petrol stations around the country are struggling to meet demand.

Firefighters told her they had been attending to similar robberies all day


Jenni Turner / SWNS)

The mum, of Erith, south east London, had managed to get a full tank the day before and had been bragging about it to one of her neighbours.

A black car, travelling “unusually quickly” for a residential area, had sped off as her five-year-old son George approached the house at around 6:30pm.

Ms Turner, who depends on her car for her commute to work as a childminder, said: “George was riding his bike and must have disturbed them when he came around the corner.

“I’d never usually think to look at my car, but I did and all I saw was petrol coming out of the bottom.

“There were two holes about the size of a five pence piece and a huge puddle of petrol under the car.

“My neighbour saw what happened on CCTV and said it was three blokes who had a drill.

“I’d been parking next to my garage for the past couple days so people could not get to the patrol cap – which is on the passenger side.

She had managed to get a full tank the day before – and told her neighbours


Jenni Turner / SWNS)

“But I had been for a bike ride that morning and had to move the car to open the garage.

“I was going to put it back but I thought ‘don’t be silly, people aren’t going to steal your petrol’ and then that’s exactly what happened.

“At first I was upset and then I was just really, really angry.

“Most of petrol had spilled on the floor so they must have only got a few quids worth – it literally went down the drain.

“I’ve been driving 12-years and have never had to make a claim on my insurance.

“Now I’ve got to make a claim and it’s through no fault of my own.”

Ms Turner had filled her car up with £50 of petrol the day before and bragged about it to one of her neighbours who was clearing out his garage.

She said: “I could have been followed, but I was also out for about four hours during the day.

“So when my house was empty that would have been a better opportunity.

“The Fire Brigade thought it would just be chancers, but also there was a man clearing out his garage in the house next to us the day before.

The furious mum has been forced to make an expensive insurance claim


Jenni Turner / SWNS)

“He jokingly asked me if I’d managed to get petrol and I was bragging that I’d just topped up. He then joked to his friends about it and it might have been nothing but now I’m just thinking of all the people I’ve told that I managed to get petrol.

“You just start second guessing everyone.”

To rectify the damage, Ms Turner has been forced to make an insurance claim, with the whole job costing more than £800.

She has “no option” but to pay the excess of this herself as she “needs” her car for work.

Ms Turner said: “I don’t know how much petrol they got but my tank was empty because the rest had all spilled out.

“The firefighters put what looks like two big pieces of chewing gum into the holes to hold the rest before my car is properly fixed.

“My family have had to help me out with taking me to-and-from work in the meantime.”

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Firefighters allegedly told Ms Turner that they had been attending to similar incidents all day.

She added: “Just be aware and move your car.

“Put them under cameras, or anything you can do, because people managed to do this to me in broad daylight.”

A Met Police spokesman said: “We were called to a report of petrol being taken from a car at a residential property at 6.48pm on Sunday September 26.

“Following an assessment of available evidence, it was determined that there was no realistic prospect of identifying a suspect.

“The victim has been informed and the case has now been closed.

“Should further evidential opportunities come to light this decision may be reviewed.”

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