‘My mother-in-law has vetoed my baby name as it makes her uncomfortable’

An expectant mother has turned to the internet for some much-needed advice after claiming her mother-in-law has ‘vetoed’ a beautiful baby name for their third child

She’s worried it will cause World War 3 (stock photo)

When selecting a name for your baby, there are bound to be people who won’t like the one you pick.

But how much does their opinion of the name really matter?

This is a question one expectant parent has asked fellow Mumsnet users after claiming her mother-in-law had ‘vetoed’ a beautiful name for their unborn son.

In a post on the Am I Being Unreasonable forum, the unnamed mum explained that she’d picked a name partly for the nickname, but she really liked the full version.

However, the name supposedly makes her mother-in-law “uncomfortable” as it’s the name of her brother and they don’t exactly get along.

As such the mother-in-law told them they “can’t use” the name and now the pregnant woman is unsure whether to go ahead with it or not.

The Mother-in-law says the name makes her uncomfortable (stock photo)



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The post read: “Does MIL have the right to veto baby name?

“Relationship with MIL is at an all-time high and we get on well/she’s good with children but there’s a backstory of her missing our wedding on the day as she didn’t approve of me/not speaking to us for months on end over small things and being generally very difficult.

“Here’s the issue: I’m pregnant with #3. Have used all the baby names we like up for boys on the first two (typically).

“There is one name I absolutely adore but it’s the name of husband’s uncle. MIL does not speak to her brother (or any of that side of the family) and has said we can’t use it as it would make her uncomfortable. There’s is another name with the same nickname we can use but it’s nowhere near as nice.

“To be clear; her brother has not done anything wrong/I’ve met him he’s a nice man.”

She goes on to say that her husband isn’t willing to fight over the name, but she’s in two minds about the whole thing.

“I don’t want to wage some sort of war over this, but equally I’m a bit p***ed off as the baby will be known by a nickname anyway, this is just for a beautiful formal name and does she really have the right to do this?!

“I wouldn’t mind as much if she had always been loving and supportive or even would appreciate what I feel is a bit of a sacrifice but she hasn’t and she won’t!”

More than 300 people responded to the post, with many agreeing the mum should use the name if she likes it.

One person wrote: “Er tell your MIL to do one? This is the woman who didn’t come to your wedding because she didn’t approve of you and didn’t speak to you for months? Why should you care at all what she thinks of anything to do with your life?

“You owe her nothing OP. Call your baby whatever you want, if she has an issue with that, that is her problem!”

Another said: “She’s had her turn to name her children. Now it’s your turn to name yours. Obviously, she has no say in this.”

A third added: “It sounds like sooner or later she will stop talking to you again for a stupid reason. And then you would have given in to her crazy demands for someone who will happily cut you out when it suits her. Ignore her. It’s your child.”

However, some suggested she avoid the name. with a different user saying: “Honestly I would not use the name. Not because I would be bothered by the relationship with MIL, but because of your child’s relationship with his Grandma. There is always the possibility that she will treat him differently and that’s just not worth doing for a name.”

Would you use the name? Let us know in the comments below.

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