‘My wife threatens to leave if our baby is allergic to cats – I’m gutted’

One man was left baffled after his wife admitted that she would want him and their baby to leave if the tot turned out to be allergic to her beloved cats, who she’s had for years

The woman had some harsh words

There comes a point in pregnancy when the woman feels ready to pop.

Every mum can remember it – and it’s fair to say that around that time, emotions can feel a bit haywire too.

But one dad-to-be was left baffled by his wife’s reaction after he worried that their future child might be allergic to her cats.

The dad went to Reddit asking for further advice, after becoming panicked by his wife’s response to his innocent question.

He wrote: “We’ve been together four years, and she has two cats that are actually the only cats I’ve ever liked.

“She’s going to be induced in a couple of days and so that has me thinking about all the technical questions. For example: what if she’s allergic to cats?

The man was alarmed at his wife’s comments


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“There are multiple people in my family who are really allergic to cats, so I wouldn’t be shocked if she was.

“My wife’s first reply was “Hopefully she won’t be a pussy”…. Even though we were in a good mood right before I mentioned the potential of her having that allergy.

“After that response, she got mad and was very adamant she wouldn’t get rid of the cats if the baby was allergic (which again, isn’t just a sneeze type of thing in my family- it’s pretty bad).

“I replied, “So what should we do if she’s allergic to cats?” And she told me “you can take this baby you wanted so f****** bad and get out”. I know she said it after she got herself all worked up… but I don’t think she didn’t mean it.”

Many reassured the man that his wife probably didn’t mean it.

One wrote: “Dude I’m pregnant. Hormones are terrible. Our bodies are always hurting. The sound of someone breathing can tick me off.

“Some days I’m on the verge of murder (obviously in my mind) and other days I’m happy go lucky. You might’ve caught her on a bad day.”

Another wrote: “Are you sure she isn’t just joking?? I joke like this to my husband all the time about if our son is allergic to dogs. I obviously love my son more than anything in the world. It’s just a joke and I would never give my baby up.”

A third added: “This was a conversation you should have had before she was 9 MONTHS PREGNANT. This is something you talk about before she is pregnant.

“Now, not a good time. Because she has a whole ass baby in her uterus. She’s probably not in the mood for a conversation about getting rid of her pets.”

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