Obsessive boyfriend killed student and dumped body in woods then visited brothel

A “bright and lively” beauty student was killed in a jealous attack by her boyfriend, who proceeded to tie her up and dump her body.

Sabira Alam, aged 20, lived with her family who ran a local Post Office and store near Halifax, Yorkshire.

Her boyfriend, Naveed Naeem, was obsessive and jealous, texting her up to 90 times in a day to check up on her, Yorkshire Live reports.

A paranoid and controlling individual, Naeem believed that Sabira was being unfaithful to him, although she did nothing to make him think that.

Callous Naeem strangled Miss Alam, of Huddersfield, in a brutal rage with a piece of clothing and stuffed tissue paper in her mouth to stifle her screams.

Sabira Alam

When she was dead, he bound her wrists and ankles and then callously dumped her behind a wall on the moor at Buckstones, near Huddersfield. A dog-walker found the body.

Days after dumping her body on the bleak moors he took her bank card and drew out £130 to pay for sex at a brothel in Manchester.

In CCTV footage, he can be seen smirking and putting his thumb up as he heads back to his car.

Naeem kept a vile notebook where he scribbled down his thoughts about sexual acts and an unnamed woman.

And on Sabira Alam he wrote: “Always I catch her out, scanning the next man.”

Another said: “Looks like she’s interested in shoe shop guy, but making out like she is not. Is she playing us off each other?”

Naveed Naeem
Naveed Naeem

Other notes included: “Acted funny when I mentioned body shimmer”; “Acted funny, like someone was there”; and “Mysteriously reappeared after a few nights. Said I couldn’t go around.”

Naeem, of New Street, Milnsbridge, denied murdering Sabira Alam, but a jury at Bradford Crown Court took just 30 minutes to find him guilty at his trial in October 2009.

As judge James Stewart QC ordered Naeem to be taken down to the cells, the murderer shouted “You’re b******s – all of you!”

When jailing Naeem, Judge Stewart QC said he had “snuffed out the life of a loving daughter and sister”.

He said Miss Alam was a lively and bright 20-year-old who had everything to live for.

He added: “You were 10 years older than her when you started courting her and her parents didn’t know of the relationship.

“Had they done so they would have stopped it and she may well have been here today.

“Tragically she is not because you murdered her.

“The source of the trouble between you, I am quite satisfied, was your obsession that she was seeing other men.

“You gave her no space, texting her up to 90 times a day.

“You had no justification for such a belief.

“It could be that your fragile mental state caused you to suspect it although it was without foundation.

“She was very fond of you and loyal to you and this is how you repaid her.”

Naeem didn’t put forward his side of the story during the murder trial. Instead, he was seen shaking his head, taking notes or dabbing tears from his eyes with a tissue.

Sabira Alam's body was found dumped at Buckstones
Sabira Alam’s body was found dumped at Buckstones

Judge Stewart told the court he hoped Miss Alam’s family would now be able to have closure after her tragic death.

Judge Stewart sentenced Naeem to life imprisonment with a minimum tariff of 20 years, saying an aggravating feature of the murder was his attempt to hide Miss Alam’s body.

He said the jury had found and rejected Naeem’s defence and there had been “overwhelming forensic evidence”.

But he said he had taken into consideration Naeem had previous good character.

Det Supt Paul Taylor, who was senior investigating officer in the case, said: “I am pleased with the sentence handed down by the court today, which rightly reflects the seriousness of this offence.

“Naeem became possessive and obsessive in his manner and consumed in his own self-made jealousy.

“This ultimately led to him killing Sabira Alam.

“He clearly planned her murder in a coordinated fashion and went to some length to conceal this from the police.

“The meticulous work of West Yorkshire Police’s scenes of crime officers and the forensic science service provided undeniable evidence that Naeem had in fact killed Sabira.

“I would like to pay tribute to Sabira’s family who have conducted themselves with enormous dignity during a time which must have been horrific for them.

“I am sure their lives have been altered forever, but I wish them the best for the future.”

In 2010 Naveed Naeem lost an appeal against his 20-year sentence for murder.

Judge Clement Goldstone QC, who sat with Lord Justice Pitchford and Mrs Justice Rafferty, said the DNA evidence connecting Naeem to the killing was “overwhelming”.

Describing the couple’s relationship as “stormy”, he said Miss Alam’s parents were unaware she was seeing Naeem and would have disapproved had they known.

Naeem, the judge added, thought Miss Alam was cheating on him and was “possessive and jealous”.

Although the killing was not pre-meditated, and Naeem was of previous good character, the judge said his treatment of her body, and the way he tried to hide it, seriously aggravated his crime.

He concluded that, although the minimum 20-year term was “tough”, it was appropriate for the crime and refused Naeem permission to appeal.

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