Paedo targeted 20 kids online and told child to share photo of brother in bath

A depraved paedophile targeted 20 children in online chats where he demanded nude pictures and tried to convince one boy to photograph his little brother in the bath.

Liam Nolan, 31, offered gifts or cash to one girl – thought to be as young as 12 – for explicit images while grooming her for nearly two years.

The pervert was snared by police who recovered a sick haul of child sex abuse images on his phones and computers along with the chat logs.

In these logs, Nolan made “extremely sadistic comments”, one fantasising about mutilating and burning a young boy.

And cops found evidence of Nolan using Google Translate to communicate with someone in Filipino, asking questions such as, “Would there be any limits to what I could do with her?” and “Are you mother, father or owner?”

Nolan appeared at Edinburgh Sheriff Court on Friday and admitted charges including sending sexual communications to children.

Fiscal depute Rosie Cook said Nolan was a call operator with Scottish Widows at the time of his arrest in December 2019.

Nolan sent messages to the youngsters on social media.

She said Police Scotland received information about a user on the Kik social media platform who uploaded an indecent image.

Cops traced the account to Nolan who was living in Dalkeith, Midlothian..

Officers raided the address, seizing mobiles and computer hardware, and Nolan told them: “It’s mine. The images are on my phone and my computer.”

Ms Cook said total of 1574 indecent images of children were recovered, 505 of them at Category A or the worst level.

She said: “Images mainly featured prepubescent female children, and the abuse of children from as young as newly born to about 12 years of age.”

The prosecutor added some kids were blindfolded during their ordeals.

Many file names recovered referred to the sordid abuse of young children.

Nolan pled guilty at Edinburgh Sheriff Court.
Nolan pled guilty at Edinburgh Sheriff Court.

Ms Cook detailed internet searches performed on one of Nolan’s phones which included “sleeping pills for kids” and “best app to monitor kids phone without them knowing”.

One file found was a one hour and 32 minutes video featuring the rape of children, and Nolan’s computer browser history showed searches for “child bondage” and “child model in leather”.

Ms Cook said “sexualised conversations” between Nolan and youngsters apparently under 16 were recovered during which the accused admitted being 25 to 27-years-old.

She told of details in conversations between Nolan and a girl of 12 or 13 “which all point to her being a real child”.

Ms Cook said: “The messages suggest that the accused has on numerous occasions paid her or sent her gifts via Paypal or other online payment method for images and videos of herself.”

In a chat with a user who told them they were 11, Nolan replied: “Hmm. A bit young but I don’t really care.”

In another chat with a user who said he was a 13-year-old boy, the victim told of being raped aged seven or eight and Nolan replied: “Shame he didn’t video it.”

Nolan usually communicated with the youngsters over the Kik social media platform.
Nolan usually communicated with the youngsters over the Kik social media platform.

In further messages with another boy who said they were under 16, the court heard Nolan made comments about “mutilating and burning” the youth.

Nolan then requested the boy take a photo of his six-year-old brother in the bath.

Ms Cook said Google Translate requests for English to Filipino were found on Nolan’s phone from April 3 2018. The messages included, “Are you willing to have me for a full month I’m there?” and “At some point it might be fun to have her take a pill and use her asleep”.

Nolan admitted sending sexual written communications and images of his penis to two children he believed were under 13 between October 2014 and May 2019.

He pled guilty to sending sexual written communications and images of his penis to 18 children he believed were aged from 13 and 16 between October 2014 and May 2019.

Nolan further admitted possessing child porn between January 2012 and December 2019.

Sheriff Robert Fife said the offences were “very disturbing” and “of grave concern”.

He deferred sentence on Nolan, now living in Hawick, Scottish Borders, until next month for reports.

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