Pregnant Stacey Solomon ‘can’t move’ and says she’ll give birth ‘so soon’

As Stacey Solomon gets ready to welcome her newest little pickle she posts a heartfelt video from her baby daughter’s bedroom telling fans her little girl is almost here

Stacey Solomon watches sunset from her unborn baby’s room

Pregnant Stacey Solomon became emotional as she walked through her baby daughter’s bedroom as she prepares for her imminent arrival.

The mum-of-three filmed the little girl’s beautiful pink room in Pickle Cottage with little Rex, aged 2, in shot.

Captioning the heartfelt video Stacey says: “I’m so proud of everything I made in here.

“I love every last thing and obviously just the thought of sitting in that chair with our little girl so soon,” followed by a heart emoji.

The room is stunning with typical Stacey touches including a wall covered with pink flowers, a pink plush nursing chair and cosy cot with moses basket inside.

Stacey Solomon’s newest little pickle is almost here

Fans had been speculating that Stacey had already given birth after noticing she has been absent from social media.

However, the much-loved TV host made an surprising return revealing she is very much still pregnant as she shared an amazing video of her stomach moving as her daughter kicked.

The Loose Women star, who is engaged to former Eastenders actor Joe Swash has updated her fans every step of the way as she transformed Pickle Cottage into a home fit for a princess.

Nestled in the leafy Essex countryside, the pile boasts a several bedrooms including a gorgeous nursery.

Ahead of their daughter’s arrival Stacey and Joe Swash have been practicing birthing techniques at home.

Stacey updated her millions of Instagram followers about Joe’s reaction to their son Rex’s birth last time.

“Just sitting in here trying to wind down for the evening and Joe’s decided he’s going to practice how he’ll be when I give birth. If it’s anything like the last time, I don’t want it,” she said, addressing the camera.

Stacey’s baby has a cosy crib to sleep in



Stacey told fans she loves everything about her daughter’s bedroom



She said: “Last time I went into labour, Joe panicked so much that I thought something was wrong.

“All I could hear was, ‘Is that the right amount of blood? Are you sure that’s the right amount of blood? Are you sure there’s meant to be that much blood there?'”

However Joe now feels he is ready this time as he “knows what to expect”.

Joe says he’s prepared for Stacey to give birth this time



Stacey and Joe have four sons between them

As the excited presenter gets ready for her new arrival Stacey recently had a

“Taking in every last second. Thank you dad for helping me make special memories tonight,” she wrote.

“I wish I’d done this every time but I’m so glad we did it this time. For the last time.

“So grateful for the chance to grow you little one, now we can’t wait to meet you.”

As she put the finishing touches to the adorable nursery Stacey concluded: “I can not wait to bring you home here and show you everything.

“I can not wait to hold you, cuddle you, sing to you, feed you and put you to bed in here.

“I’m so proud of everything in here and it’s been the best feeling making it and I’ll miss being covered in pink paint.”

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