Russia developing new gun ‘with its own brain’ which pulls trigger for the user

Russia is developing an “emotionally intelligent” gun that “should increase the probability and speed of hitting the target” as it can identify and hit a target by itself

Vladimir Putin’s defence minister Sergei Shoigu handling a newly developed gun with a ‘brain of its own’

Russia is developing a new-age Kalashnikov gun “with its own brain” which pulls the trigger for the user.

A prototype was shown recently to Vladimir Putin’s defence minister Sergei Shoigu at a major arms show, it has been revealed.

According to its designers, the weapon will be able to identify the target while also removing the need for the shooter to pull the trigger.

Chief designer of Kalashnikov Concern, Sergey Urzhumtsev told RIA Novosti: “We have already created some elements of the system.

“We demonstrated them for the first time, including to the Russian Minister of Defence as part of a private demonstration at the international military-technical forum Army 2021.

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The gun ‘should increase the probability and speed of hitting a target’


East2west News)

The new gun based on “neural networks” not only “assists the shooter in selecting the aim” but makes corrections and ”replaces the human in needing to physically impact the weapon, to pull the trigger,” a report on the new firearm stated.

The makers are seeking funding by the Russian government to continue its research and development.

“These are separate elements of the firearm system with elements of artificial intelligence, which already allow almost complete automation of the processes of identification, aiming and tracking of targets, as well as the execution of a shot,” said Urzhumtsev.

The gun has the ability to identify the target and removes the human task of having to pull the trigger


East2west News)

The weapon “should increase the probability and speed of hitting targets,” according to the report.

“This will require the integration of various optical and electronic devices into a single system.”

Urzhumtsev said: “Modern technologies make it possible to ensure the production of a shot at a time when locating a target at a certain range in certain meteorological and other conditions will be guaranteed.”

The shooter will only need to ‘give permission’ to find and hit the target, he said.

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