Sallie Anne Field opens hotel for sausage dogs with massages and manicures

The former actress prefers the company of dachshunds to TV and films stars as she indulges her guests with luxury treatments

Former actress Sally Anne Fields starred with rock idol David Bowie in the 1983 erotic horror film ‘The Hunger’

Former actress Sallie Anne Field couldn’t have been yappier when her career finally went to the dogs.

After appearing in films and videos with the likes of David Bowie, Tim Roth and Miranda Richardson, Sallie now runs a pet hotel for sausage dogs only.

Owners pay £35-a-night to send their dachshund to Sussex Sausages Hotel near aptly-named Petworth.

Sallie, now 61, has eight of her own and takes up to four guest dogs.

She likes to pamper them too – offering laser therapy at £40, massages at £20, manicures at £15, plus £15 bags of her own-brand Dachshund Superfood.

Sallie, now 61, runs a pet hotel for sausage dogs only and enjoys offering pampering treats to her special guests

Married mum Sallie got her first sausage dog as a gift for son Terence, now 23, when he turned six.

Sallie explains: “It wasn’t long before we said, ‘Let’s get another’. I got more and more until my husband Duane insisted we stop. I wasn’t allowed any pets as a child – maybe that’s why I have so many now.

“They are so endearing, funny and affectionate. Every day with these sausage dogs is a constant source of silliness.”

Sallie admits she prefers the company of her pets to some of the stars she used to rub shoulders with back in the day.

Owners pay £35-a-night to send their dachshund to Sussex Sausages Hotel near aptly-named Petworth


Sallie Anne Field)

She adds: “I don’t miss acting – the lifestyle, rejections and egos. Dogs don’t have egos. I prefer being with dogs than egocentric actors. Looking after sausage dogs is much more rewarding.”

Sallie appeared in the 1985 film Dance With A Stranger, which starred Miranda Richardson as Ruth Ellis, the last woman to be hanged in Britain. In 1986 she was a singer in Sex Pistols biopic Sid and Nancy. And in 1983 she filmed erotic horror film The Hunger, with rock idol Bowie.

Sallie says: “In the scene we did, he was supposed to chat up the girl next to me. Instead, he whispered in my ear, ‘You look like you could be a really wicked young girl’!”

Sallie, alas, was edited out. But as she says, showbusiness can be a dog’s life.

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