Savvy mum shares unusual lemon dishwasher hack to leave your plates sparkling

A mum and life hack expert has shared her clever trick to make your dishes extra clean – but it’s not a fancy product, in fact it’s probably already in your kitchen

Dishwasher hack with lemon to make plate look sparkling

Sometimes no matter how many times we wash up our crockery or put it through the dishwasher, it doesn’t feel quite clean enough.

But don’t splash out on a fancy product – the trick to making them even more sparkling clean might already be sitting in your kitchen.

Mum and life hack expert Chantel Mila has revealed her top trick to take your washing up to the next level – lemons.

“This is a tip to help minimise kitchen waste,” Chantel begins in a video on social media.

“The next time you finish a lemon, before you throw it out, place it in your dishwasher with your regular dishes.

“The citric acid cleans limescale and deodorises your dishwasher, and makes your dishes sparkle.”

She continues: “I used lemons (squeezed and seeds removed) but you can also use lemon juice.

Chantel Mila says placing half a lemon (without the seeds) in your dishwasher can leave crockery extra clean and sparkling



Chantel has revealed a handy way to make the most of a used lemon



“Don’t throw away the secret to your shiny dishes,” she adds.

But be careful – make sure to remove seeds from lemon halves before you put them in the dishwasher, as otherwise they could block up pipes.

And don’t use this trick every time you switch on the dishwasher, as over time the critic acid might break down the rubber sealing and cause it not to work properly any more.

The cleaning properties of lemons do not stop at the dishwasher – their antibacterial and antiseptic properties can also be used to help clean fridges, microwaves and ovens, too, helping to neutralise any bad smells.

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After spraying the shirts and hanging them out to dry, no iron is needed

Meanwhile, another mum has shared her genius washing trick that means she never needs to worry about ironing her children’s school uniforms.

While ironing can take a big chunk out of your day, this hack takes just ten seconds and, according to the photos the mum posted on social media, works a treat.

Louise Quinlan, who has two children, posted a photo of their school shirts hanging upside down on a washing line, before and after she used the product.

She revealed that all she does is spray Lenor Crease Remover on them, and this takes care of any creases and lines, so she doesn’t need to get the iron out.

“My hack for not ironing the kids T-shirts for school,” she wrote.

“Added another photo for folk to see the other creases have dropped out now.”

The spray costs just £3.50 from Wilko, and many impressed friends and followers of Louise’s rushed to purchase a bottle.

One commented: “That’s ace I need to try it.”

Another added: “I love this stuff.”

“Loads better!” remarked a third.

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