Scots mum diagnosed with 11cm tumour while pregnant hopes for second baby

A Scots mum is desperate to have IVF for a second baby while her health is stable enough as she faces a gruelling ongoing battle with an extremely rare lung tumour.

Danielle Beaton has told how her doctors have given the green light for her and partner Michael to fulfil their dream of having a new baby, while her aggressive, rare lung tumour is stable.

Danielle, 27, was diagnosed with a rare condition called Unicentric Castleman Disease (UCD) in June 2018.

A tumour which is more difficult to treat than cancer was detected while Danielle was pregnant with her first child and she underwent gruelling chemotherapy.

While recent scans reveal her tumour has started to progress again slowly, Danielle has been told she is finally stable enough to carry a baby.

Michael and Danielle

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She and Michael, from Forres in Moray, now say they are “working against time” to raise the vital funds for IVF treatment while Danielle’s health is strong enough.

Danielle took the brave step to ask family and friends for help and has launched a fundraising campaign.

She told the Daily Record: “I either put myself out there or do nothing and then miss the opportunity to go forward.

“Anything people give takes that little bit of pressure off us with the time we have.”

She added: “We are working against time right now.”

In 2018, while pregnant with her daughter Anna, now three, doctors discovered an 11cm tumour on Danielle’s lung.

After undergoing an early cesarean section at 36 weeks, Danielle underwent a number of medical investigations to determine the nature of the mass.

Scots mum diagnosed with 11cm tumour while pregnant hopes for second baby
Danielle during her recovery after surgery on the tumour in her lung

While the first biopsy proved inconclusive Danielle was later diagnosed with UCD, an extremely rare condition which affects the lymph nodes and related tissues.

“Doctors told me at this point that the tumour on my lung is harder to kill than a cancer tumour,” she said.

“I had to start two years of chemotherapy and when the pandemic hit in March 2020 my chemotherapy was stopped – I was just coming up for two years.

“Things were going fine at the beginning and the tumour was shrinking.

“At some point it stopped shrinking but it did not grow. Doctors said we had to just wait and see how it goes.”

Scots mum diagnosed with 11cm tumour while pregnant hopes for second baby
Danielle with daughter Anna after doctors found a tumour “harder to treat than cancer” when she was 30 weeks pregnant

After a year, Danielle had grown able to cope with the multiple side effects from the gruelling treatment including shortness of breath, nerve damage, sickness and fatigue.

She has now been told she is currently in a stable condition despite frightening news that her tumour had began to slightly grow.

She said: “I had an up-to-date scan which revealed that my tumour is now slowly progressing.

“There’s also now a second tumour which is very small and attached to my first tumour.

“At the moment I’m told I am stable enough which is amazing to hear. I almost danced out the building when they told me that.

“To hear negative things about your health for ages and then hear something positive is amazing.”

Doctors say Danielle will likely have to undergo radiotherapy and more chemotherapy in the future, however she and Michael are determined to use this moment of calm to start building their family.

They are determined to fulfill their dream of having another baby and have been given the green light by medics to go forward with another round of IVF treatment.

She said: “We used IVF for Anna, that’s when it all began. That’s when we knew we needed help with having a baby.

“We qualified for NHS funding for IVF the first time. That was great and we went ahead and were successful on our first try. It’s so unpredictable and we didn’t know what would happen.”

However, the couple’s hearts sank when they discovered how expensive a second round of the treatment would be.

She said: “It’s just been a roller coaster. It just shattered our dreams when we found out how much it was going to be. I spent the whole weekend in bed crying.

Scots mum diagnosed with 11cm tumour while pregnant hopes for second baby
Danielle with daughter Anna

“I didn’t think I would ever be able to have another baby.

“We just want some more normality. For so long everything has been about my treatment and now we don’t want anything to stop us looking to the future.

“It hurts to know that it costs this much to have a baby when you feel it should be so natural.”

Danielle and Michael are working towards saving around £6000 for the IVF treatment in the time they have while her health will allow them to go through with it.

They have set up a Go Fund Me page in the hope they can raise some money towards their goal.

Danielle said: “We have our first consultation on September 3 and then about three months until we would have to start, if we can find the funds we can start before that.

“It took me a lot of courage to ask for help. We appreciate everything people have done for us.

“My husband has been working overtime to help us try and save.”

She added: “We have so much room in our hearts for another baby. Anna keeps telling me she wants a baby brother.

“We are so lucky and fortunate to have Anna. I feel like I’m already so lucky with my beautiful girl and my husband.

“For a long time we thought that we were not going to get to come this far in life. Now we’re starting to see a future again and we could be a normal family.”

To support the family’s Go Fund Me page click here.

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