There’s a hot new addition to KFC’s menu and you’re going to love it

Basically, if you like your chicken bland then this is probably not for you

When it comes to premium snack choices, KFC’s Popcorn Chicken is right up there. In fact, can we all agree these delicious bite-sized chunks of chicken have reached national treasure status?

Whether as a standalone nibble or to share with your buddies on the side of a meal, if you’re a fan of chicken it’s fair to say you’re a fan of these breaded treats.

But if you’re a heat lover, its existing 11 herbs and spices might not go far enough, and the only thing missing from Popcorn Chicken is that extra spice kick. Well, good news: Popcorn Chicken just got spicy.

This September, KFC is launching its Zinger Popcorn Bucket for a limited time and is a surefire way to spice up a boring day.

This fiery little twist on its iconic Popcorn Chicken was released for a limited time as a trial product in a handful of locations back in April, but the good news for the rest of the nation is that it proved such a hit, it’s officially launching across the UK.

There's a hot new addition to KFC's menu and you're going to love it
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But you’ll want to get your hands on it quickly – it is only available from September 6 to October 31.

The Zinger Popcorn Bucket is here. Think you can handle it? There’s only one way to find out.

Download the app, head in store or order online.

It’s the David Attenborough of the KFC menu.

A family favourite.

Practically a national treasure.

But now, we’ve given it a bit of spice.

An edge.

A Zinger swagger.

We’ve pushed the big red button.

And turnt’ the dial up to 100.

So for anyone with a bland palette, look away.

Because it’s probably too spicy for you.

If you like watching bath bomb reviews on YouTube, it’s probably too spicy for you.

If you’ve ever reached for the green tabasco,

If you have his and hers rambling shoes,

Or if your desert island discs has anything by Journey, Then we’re almost sure you should order something else.

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