This Morning OAP makes sex confession on how she avoids A&E with Egyptian toyboy

This Morning’s pensioner guest who married an Egyptian toyboy made a shocking sex confession she says helps avoid trips to A&E while romping.

Iris, 82, was back on the ITV show to discuss her love life with 36-year-old husband Mohammed when she spoke in graphic detail to hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield.

The OAP, who is having to endure a long distance relationship due to visa issues, says she has to do a certain sex position to avoid ripping her skin.

Luckily, she said the loved-up pair, who have a 45 year age gap, have discovered the perfect solution to avoid A&E – doing it in ‘doggy fashion’.

Iris, 82, was back on This Morning to discuss her marriage to Mohammed

On Wednesday’s show, Iris confessed: “Because my skin is very thin, it’s like tissue and Mohammed’s got to be careful when he grabs hold of me because he rips my skin.

“The skin on my legs is very thin and when it comes to making love it can be painful, I can end up at the A&E with skin rips”.

She added: “But we solved that problem because we sometimes do it doggy fashion. That’s it!”

Holly then smiled and commented: “Love finds a way.”

Phillip added: “No one wants to end up in A&E afterwards, do they?”

Iris concluded: “Love hurts as well, but it is a very strong love and my boys have come to accept him but they won’t call him daddy.”

Holly and Phillip then surprised Iris for her birthday by producing a chocolate birthday cake and a special video message from Mohammed.

He said” “Hello Iris, I love you, I miss you really. Happy birthday my wife, happy birthday my missus.”

He added through tears: “I miss you my Iris.”

The pair are married
The pair are married

Iris hopes to hear back by November 4 which coincidentally was Iris’ ex-husband’s birthday.

“Let’s hope that’s lucky,” commented Phillip.

Back in January, Iris stunned Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield on ITV’s This Morning by recalling how Mohamed Ahmed, 36, left her “saddle sore” after a recent holiday.

This Morning OAP makes sex confession on how she avoids A&E with Egyptian toyboy

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‘Nobody had been near me for 35 years, I thought I was a virgin again,’ she said at the time before adding the couple got through a whole tub of KY jelly.

Iris, who has been divorced for 40 years, started chatting to Mohamed on Facebook around two years ago.

They met for the first time in November 2019 and have been together ever since – but Mohamed has so far failed to secure the necessary paperwork to move to the UK.

Iris said: “I didn’t think this would happen at my age – falling so deeply in love with someone half my age – but you can’t help who you fall in love with.

Iris started chatting to Mohamed on Facebook around two years ago
Iris started chatting to Mohamed on Facebook around two years ago

“Age is of no relevance whatsoever. I go from being so happy when we’re together to the absolute depths of misery when we’re apart.”

Iris and Mohamed’s Cairo wedding was very low-key.

Instead of opting for a traditional ceremony, they just signed the papers to make things official then celebrated with fried chicken at the local KFC.

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