Tito Ortiz fires “power” warning to Anderson Silva ahead of boxing fight

Ortiz is ready to take on Silva in the Brazilian’s second boxing match, and believes that Silva respects his power after a catchweight of 195 pounds was agreed for the clash

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Tito Ortiz talks potential fight with Logan Paul

Tito Ortiz believes the weight limit agreed with Anderson Silva proves the Brazilian respects his “power”.

The pair face-off in the ring on Saturday night after Silva made his boxing debut last time out with victory over Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

And Ortiz has been forced to make a catchweight of 195lbs ahead of the fight, as he has embarked on an incredible body transformation in order to try and make the fight happen despite never having made the weight in his 24-year career.

But the UFC icon believes that the weight shows that Silva respects his “power” but is determined to make weight even if he has to “chop off a leg”.

“I’ll cut my leg off if I have to in order to make weight. I’ll do it,” Ortiz said during a press conference. “It really just shows that I’m focused. It shows that Anderson respects my power.”

Tito Ortiz now faces a debut in the boxing ring against former UFC star Anderson Silva


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Ortiz also revealed previously that he had “lost his respect” for Silva after an agreement could not be reached for the fight to take place at 200 pounds.

“I’m excited because I respect him as a fighter,” Ortiz said. “But I’ve lost respect for him as a man for not fighting me at 200lbs.

“I have never made 195lbs in my whole career of 24 years, “I will try like hell to make it. I will make it.

“But I’ve lost respect for the guy, he is a great champion who has fought at 205lbs six times, he has fought for the world title at 205lbs.

“Once again, it shows that he respects my power because he’s trying to make me weak.

Ortiz was a former light heavyweight champion in the UFC and has racked up 21 professional MMA victories during his career which included a period in Bellator.

And the 46-year-old has emphasised that he could “not turn down” the opportunity to take on Silva in boxing and has insisted it is not “just for money”.

“This is Anderson Silva! One of the greatest MMA fighters to ever grace the Octagon,” Ortiz continued. “I’m not going to take the opportunity? I’d be stupid not to.

“The money is great but when I step in the ring, it’s not about the money anymore. I want to challenge myself.

“I’m not supposed to beat Silva, plain and simple. I’m the underdog. My back is pressed against the wall.”This is the type of thing I love in life. My whole life I was cancelled, told I couldn’t do it.

“This is an opportunity that I thrive for.”

Silva was reported to have agreed a deal with YouTube star Logan Paul to take part in an exhibition clash in Dubai later this year, but the Brazilian revealed that talks broke down due to circumstances beyond his control.

And the 46-year-old has also cast doubt on a potential boxing match with Roy Jones Jr after previously branding the former American heavyweight as a “hero”.

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