Tony Blackburn advises Michael Gove to dance in ‘tight jeans’ after viral video

Good Morning Britain saw legendary DJ Tony Blackburn advocate for over 40s being able to dance and party in nightclubs after a viral video of Michael Gove dancing emerged

Tony Blackburn wants Michael Gove dancing in ‘tight jeans’ after nightclub video

Tony Blackburn has called for Michael Gove to dance in a nightclub in “tight jeans”.

The legendary radio DJ was speaking on Good Morning Britain on Tuesday as he debated the issue of whether over 40s should be allowed in nightclubs.

While pop songstress Talia Storm argued that perhaps over 40s should dance and “cut some shapes” somewhere away from younger people, Tony was all for them embracing their love of music and a good time.

The debate, which was chaired by presenters Sean Fletcher and Charlotte Hawkins, was sparked by viral online footage of Michael Gove, the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, dancing in a nightclub in Aberdeen.

Michael Gove MP went viral after a video of him dancing at an Aberdeen nightclub emerged



Sean Fletcher commented that he was inclined to agree with Talia when seeing Mr Gove dance, saying: “No one wants to see that.”

When discussing Mr Gove’s own dancing that was caught on video, Blackburn was supportive of the minister.

Tony said: “Why not? He’s having fun.”

The DJ noted his own experiences in later life in Ibiza and doing his DJ act with a love of trance music.

He promoted making the most of what life you have left in later life.

Tony Blackburn advocated Michael Gove dancing in “tight jeans” in a nightclub to fit in more



Later, Sean commented: “Really, young people aren’t going to flock to that nightclub when they see him there.”

However, Tony disagreed, responding: “I think they will flock to that club. Who wouldn’t want to see Michael Gove dancing around like that?

“I’m sure we’ll see him on Strictly Come Dancing next.”

Yet, Tony advised Mr Gove: “The one thing I would say to Michael is that don’t go in with a suit on next time.

“Get a pair of tight jeans and a shirt or something and you’ll fit in better.”

Viewers disagreed with the stance that over 40s should be banned from nightclubs



Tony did call for over 40s clubs, however, so perhaps the diversity of the clubs is the answer.

Sean was too distracted by the thought of Michael in Tony’s suggested attire, however.

“That image of Michael Gove in tight trousers,” commented Sean, “that’s just done it.”

“Driven you over the edge,” noted Charlotte.

On the whole, a poll of GMB viewers saw 84% of people vote against banning over 40s from nightclubs.

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