Tullichewan residents fear for safety of building yard metres from play park

Tullichewan residents have been left worried for their safety after a building site was set up in their street, just feet from a kids’ playpark.

Residents say there was no notice of the yard being put in a parking area at Woodlands Court and that the road is already being churned up by HGVs accessing the site.

They and local councillor Martin Rooney have said they are worried children could be in danger due to the fact the site isn’t secure.

James Kennedy who stays in Woodlands Court said: “There is a potentially grave danger of having the site left open. I just hope it doesn’t take an incident before action is taken.

“This is a street with a lot of kids in it and the site is 19 feet from a playpark which I used with my grandchildren.

“The constant delivery trucks mean that the road is getting into a terrible state.

“And having these large trucks in a cul-de-sac blocks emergency services and deliveries.

“There’s the noise factor as well.”

The yard appeared without warning in a residential car park.

The equipment is being used to upgrade homes in the area with concern the yard will be there for well over a year.

James went on: “I’ve now got to keep my windows closed most of the time because of the diesel fumes from the generator.

“I can smell them all the time.

“I’m absolutely sick of it.

“They are already three months behind and it was meant to be in place for a year. So that’s now 15 months, and that’s before winter hits with adverse weather and shorter days.

“It’s insensitive to have not consulted with residents beforehand. Business wise it makes no sense to travel a mile through housing schemes. And it’s dangerous.”

After meeting with residents and sending fears to West Dunbartonshire Council’s chief housing officer, Peter Barry, Councillor Martin Rooney explained how concerned he was that residents were landed with this issue with no prior warning.

He said: “Local residents were not notified or consulted in advance. The length of time the site is to be in use may mean that it is a semi-permanent facility and may have required planning approval from the council.

“The big issue is safety, and in particular, the safety of children who play in the playpark and the surrounding open spaces.

“The compound doesn’t allow for the HGV to access the site with the skip so it does all of its manoeuvring on the road which not only blocks the road to other vehicles but poses a risk to pedestrians when reversing and blocks pavements.

“There is a real worry that a child could be injured or killed with the current operating procedures.”

Woodlands Court Alexandria construction yard
The yard is often left open and unattended, with children playing just yards away.

The councillor said that works in Haldane, which are being carried out from the site are currently three months over schedule, which he says will push planned render and roofing works for Tullichewan beyond the August 2022 date.

He added: “The waste that is being dropped off in Tullichewan isn’t from works on the estate, it’s from Haldane.

“This is likely to be the case for the next few months.

“There are also concerns about running diesel generators all day in close proximity to the children’s playpark, pedestrians and indeed the proximity to residential properties.

“It’s important that the external rendering works and the roofing works planned for Tullichewan goes ahead, but the works must be done safely and that means ensuring that the compound is safe not just for workers but for children, pedestrians and road users in the area.

“Public safety is paramount and those persons approving this site and its associated processes are responsible for ensuring that the operations they have approved are absolutely safe.”

A spokesperson for West Dunbartonshire Council said: “This compound supports Housing Capital Investment works that are aimed at improving the energy efficiency of council houses and helping to tackle the effects of fuel poverty.

“While the use of this council site adheres to all health and safety requirements, we have taken residents’ feedback on board and are working with the contractor to consider whether small changes can be made to further minimise disruption.”

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