Here’s Why You Should Ask Your Workmates Their Star Signs

Where you choose to work is more than just the job itself, it’s also about the people you work with – your colleagues can make or break you. During the job hiring process, it’s normal for employers to factor in personality and “culture fit”, because the last thing they want is to have personality clashes on the team.

But is hiring employees based on their star signs a step too far? Not all of us are into astrology, but almost one fifth (18%) of us believe in star sign compatibility within the workplace, according to a survey conducted by instantprint.

Astrologer Bex Milford of Cosmic Cures worked with the company to explore how each sign’s strengths and weaknesses could impact a work environment. She says that as star signs resonate with different traits, it’s natural some mixes will find themselves more compatible in a work environment than others.

“Of course, it depends what industry they’re working in,” she says. “Within a big corporation, Capricorn and Aries will be strident leaders, although may struggle with the more ‘go with the flow’, creative nature of Pisces or the fixed (and sometimes stubborn) mentality of Taurus.”

She adds: “As with all of these things, having a supportive mix assigned to different roles is the key – Virgos will love to plan, Leos will love to present, and Sagittarius will stride ahead with boundless enthusiasm.”

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