Try This Cadbury Dairy Milk Fingers Cake Decorating Challenge With The Kids

If there’s one treat that really brings a family together, it’s Cadbury Dairy Milk Fingers. And cake. Which is why combining the two in a cake-decorating challenge might just be our new favourite rainy-day, after-school or weekend activity, sure to entertain kids of all ages.

After a summer of highs thanks to the thrills and camaraderie of the amazing array of national and international sporting events, why not enjoy some food-based competition?

Presenting – drum roll, please – the Cadbury Dairy Milk Fingers Games. The Fastest Finger First Decorating Challenge is designed to find the kings and queens of the kitchen, who excel at making cakes look as good as they taste.

Cake Decorating with Cadbury Dairy Milk Fingers

Watch the video below to see some friendly competition in action:

Presented by ITV Lorraine’s Ria Hebden, it features the Khan family, with granddad Nick, mum Chloe, dad Omar and daughters Sophia and Alyssa. Grandad and Hebden are the judges, with the two sisters on opposite teams. Mum Chloe partners with Alyssa and dad Nick joins forces with Sophia.

“So, the rules for this are quite simple,” Hebden explains. “We’re going to award points based on the neatness, the design and how creative they’ve been with the Cadbury Dairy Milk Fingers.”

Here’s how it works if you want to play along at home:

You’ll need a chocolate cake (you can use a mix or make your own from scratch), Cadbury chocolate icing, sprinkles, some Cadbury Dairy Milk Fingers and a purple bow to tie around your finished design.

Cake Decorating with Cadbury Dairy Milk Fingers
Cake Decorating with Cadbury Dairy Milk Fingers

We’d recommend getting an extra box of Cadbury Dairy Milk Fingers since those can occasionally disappear into little mouths during the decorating process… You’ll also want to have a spare pack or two in the cupboard for an easily shareable snack, whether you get peckish mid-cake competition or in the afternoon – these always go down a treat with the whole family.

Each team has their own cake, and the challenge is to use the ingredients you have to decorate it as best you can. One catch: you have just two minutes.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Fingers are crucial to the decorating process – and are an easy way to get the cake looking professional, fast. Both Alyssa and Sophia used them around the cake, stacking them vertically with one biscuit next to the other.

Cake Decorating with Cadbury Dairy Milk Fingers
Cake Decorating with Cadbury Dairy Milk Fingers

Can you challenge yourself to do something else with the biscuits, turning them into words or numbers on top of the cake? Or add some colour variety with white and dark chocolate Cadbury Bournville Fingers in addition to milk chocolate. You can even use Cadbury Dairy Milk Fingers to partition the cake and decorate each section with different sprinkles and sweets.

Watch the video to see teamwork in action, find out which sister wins… and admire what the finished cakes look like. Impressive stuff, Alyssa and Sophia!

Spoiler alert: there might be one winning team, but after the fun and games are over, everyone gets to nibble on Cadbury Dairy Milk Fingers and cake. So everyone’s a winner!

Inspired to try your hand at cake decorating and to encourage some friendly kitchen competition in your home? Share your videos using the hashtag #cadburyfingers to showcase what you and yours have made.

Click here for our most delicious Cadbury Dairy Milk Fingers Fingers recipe…

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