Tim Tebow is white privilege royalty

Tim Tebow keeps getting chance after chance.
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It’s official: Tim Tebow is the White Privilege King.

Just when we thought we were done with everyone in sports bending over backward for someone totally not worthy, comes a report that Tebow recently worked out for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

And get this. It wasn’t for a quarterback spot, but to play tight end in the NFL.

As crazy as the scenario all sounds, it fits when it comes to Tebow.

For whatever reason, the powers-that-be keep trying their darndest to hook Tebow up with a job in professional sports despite the fact that he isn’t very good and has failed at more than one sport and is now 33.

There can only be one reason. Other white people with power like him and apparently will do whatever they can to help him succeed.

Sports is the one place in the world where there is an equal playing field. Normally, the best player makes the team regardless of their skin color.

That’s why, despite Black people making up just 13 percent of the U.S. population, the NBA is 75 percent Black and the NFL is 70 percent Black.

Easily, if white owners wanted to play to their fan bases, they could fill their teams with many more white players. We used to see that in the NBA, especially in Utah and Boston.

Not anymore.

The only reason they don’t is because they want to win. And Black players, for whatever reason, have excelled in these leagues way more than white players.

Then, there’s Tebow — the former college football star QB at Florida that has been a flop since then.

There have been many like Tebow. Despite being a stud on the collegiate level, sometimes a player’s game doesn’t translate to the next level.

There’s no shame in that.

Most guys simply give up sports and get another job. Tebow got into broadcasting for ESPN. But it was never good enough. He never gave up the dream of being a star on the field again.

It’s not like Tebow had a cup of coffee and a sweet roll in the NFL.

They tried to make this round peg fit into a square hole.

Tebow was with four teams during his run in the NFL. He was drafted by the Denver Broncos and even won a playoff game. He was also with the New York Jets for a season. The New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles also had Tebow on their offseason and/or practice squad.

And as much as everyone loved Tebow — a God-fearing, nice guy — the problem is always the same: He couldn’t play.

Tebow had issues delivering the football on a consistent basis. That sounds like something that should disqualify you for a starting quarterback job in the NFL.

Tebow was so bad that even the Jaguars, the team closest to where he played in college, had no interest. It spoke volumes. Easily, Tebow would have helped that sad-sack franchise sell tickets.

Their fan base down there is so bad it feels like they have two games a year in Europe. If they could book one on the Moon, they would take that as well.

Had Jacksonville inked Tebow years ago, jerseys would have flown off the shelves. People would have been doing his trademark pray kneel all over northern Florida.

But he couldn’t play.

Enter new Jags’ coach Urban Meyer. He was Tebow’s coach at Florida.

Most guys who hadn’t played in the league since 2012 wouldn’t have been given a courtesy tryout. Most guys who had never even played that position before would have been laughed at.

Not Tebow. This is where White Privilege comes in.

It’s the same reason the New York Mets gave Tebow a roster spot in the minors despite the fact that he hadn’t played baseball in over a decade.

Back in February, Tebow announced that he was retiring from baseball. He claimed it wasn’t because he had no shot at the majors, but that he had been called in “other directions.”

Two months later, seeing an opening with Meyer, Tebow is back on the football field trying to fake his way onto yet another roster.

Let’s face it. All of these scenarios and doors being opened for Tebow can’t be about talent. Hence, it must be about race. It’s a sad reality.

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