17 Cringey Disney Channel Scenes That Give Off Serious Secondhand Embarrassment

We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to share the Disney Channel moments that gave them secondhand embarrassment, and here’s what they had to say.


“In High School Musical 3 when Gabriella gets up in the middle of the stands after Troy falls and starts yelling his name.”


“When they have a rap battle in the 2016 Adventures in Babysitting movie. They really thought they did something but no. ‘We ain’t no quitters! We’Re tHe BaBYsItTerS!’ is just painful every time.”


“Nothing is cringier than that God-awful R&B version of ‘Be Our Guest’ from the first Descendants movie. I almost turned off the movie after that scene, and it took a LOT of convincing for me to finish it. It was SO DUMB AND UNNECESSARY!”


“In the first episode of Girl Meets World where Maya pushes Riley so she falls on Lucas. I don’t know if they were trying to make it awkward, but it was just cringe.”


“In Camp Rock when Caitlyn was doing that hand move with that awful beat she called music, and Mitchie said, ‘Wow she’s really good.’ I had secondhand embarrassment for Caitlyn.”


“When Mitchie starts singing ‘We Can’t Back Down’ with extreme hand gestures in the middle of her conversation with Caitlyn in Camp Rock 2. Criiiiinge.”


“In Camp Rock when Mitchie led that weird fight chant march past Camp Star.”


“Anytime Dorinda started dancing in Cheetah Girls. It was so awkward.”


“In Austin and Ally, when Austin sings ‘Steal Your Heart’ in the middle of a court case to prove he wrote the song, and everyone, including the judge, dances along to it. Don’t get me wrong, that song is a bop, but seriously I don’t understand the logic of the scene LOL.”


“The ‘seductive’ face in Radio Rebel that Debby Ryan makes when a boy sings her a song at MORP. Y’all knew SOMEONE was going to say it.”


“In High School Musical when Sharpay doesn’t see Gabriella hiding in the restroom when she couldn’t have not seen her. Dumbest thing ever.”


“The Ally dance episode from Austin & Ally where she practices really hard to give a jerky, cringey dance performance on top of a piano. *shudders*”


“Literally every time Miley bites her lip in a flirty way in Hannah Montana. I cringe every time I think about it.”


“Everything about Shake It Up. The acting was exaggerated and overdone to death. And the costumes! What acid-tripping, neon-loving maniac was in charge of those disasters?!”


“I’m forever embarrassed that in Cheetah Girls, they thought performing a song would help rescue Galleria’s dog, who was trapped under the road.”


“And finally, in Hannah Montana when Miley decided who she’d date based on which picture of a boy randomly flew into her lap with the wind.”

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