22 Tweets About Things Kids Today Would Never Understand That Are Equal Parts Too Real And Nostalgic

You just had to be there.


Tuning in to Radio Disney and hoping to hear your favorite songs:

Today’s kids will never understand the agony of tuning in to the staticy AM 1110 Radio Disney wanting to hear “So Yesterday” but being hit with “Kung Fu Fighting” instead

Twitter: @cosmichero__


Bob Barker as the host of The Price Is Right:

@familyfooddude The one that got through my sick days in school and vacations. Today’s kids will never understand the legendary version of the show with Bob Barker.

Twitter: @iamstrongstyle


Skipping 53 songs before getting to one you wanted to hear on your iPod Shuffle:

Thinking about how I had one of these and just had to skip until I found the song I wanted…today’s kids will never understand

Twitter: @MaryDyche2


That PictoChat was the original group chat:

Today’s kids will never understand how lit field trips were when the whole bus was on pictochat on their Nintendo DS’

Twitter: @Bhoffman_3


The issues that came with using dial-up:

Today’s kids will never understand getting in trouble because you were on the internet and your parents were expecting a call

Twitter: @NyarAbabala


And this infuriating and sneaky bait-and-switch:

Kids today will never know the feeling of waiting 3 day for a song you have been desperately searching for to download only to find out it is some indie artist trying to game the system

Twitter: @weflf


Having to know HTML:


Becoming randomly literate at HTML because of all the times you’ve fucked around with your MySpace layout.

<br /><br />

Twitter: @wongisrite


Getting issued a textbook that once belonged to your older siblings or friend:

Today’s kids will never understand how big of a flex it was to know someone whose name was here⬇️

Twitter: @PhillyWRLD

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