24 Sex Toys From Amazon That May Be Small, But Deliver Quite The Results

Yes, I’ve used this and other Sliquid products. Yes, I’ve loved every single one. Yes, you should try this.

I have a serious gluten intolerance, which as you might imagine is particularly important to stay on top of for both myself and my partners. Anything that gets inside you can make you sick, and also anything that gets on your hands can make its way into, well, any orifice, really. So, attention to detail like these folks offer is definitely appreciated, and I’m glad the company clarifies things on their website instead of leaving it up to me to try and decipher from their ingredients when some, like tocopherol, may or may not be made of wheat, leaving it impossible to discern how risky a product might be. Also, I think that to have an accessible lube on-hand is just polite on behalf of anyone involved who might have a sensitivity, and therefore a worthy investment for anyone intent on sexual courtesy.

Meanwhile, I strongly prefer silicone lubes for the durability, as long they’re compatible with whatever toys and/or humans I’m working with. However, they’re oftentimes not, and anyway I’m increasingly tired of spending so much time having to scrub it off/out of myself and leaving big ol’ grease stains all over my sheets, furniture, towels, and clothes. So, a hybrid like this offers a really nice compromise that’s got all the slick sweetness of silicone without being quite so damaging and/or hard to remove. And this one is pretty safe for most circumstances where full-on silicone would be a no-go, although sometimes water-based of course is still the only way to go.

Promising review: “Please note: not all lubes are for all circumstances. Think of this one as an add on, not the main source of moisture. It does not leave a greasy itchy residue, no scent, etc. I react to any change or additive so this is perfect. Other lubes would dry me out or hurt, so this is a great option. A little goes a long way — two very active adults have used two bottles in four years. Worth the price!” —H. R. L.

Price: $22.49+ (available in two textures)

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