31 Products You’ll Probably Want If You’re Rough On Your Stuff

Not me spending good money on stuff and then absolutely trashing it because I’m too lazy to take care of it.

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.


An itty bitty knife sharpener, because years of hacking through hard fruits, many avocado pits, and bones has dulled and chipped your blades. This’ll restore them to their former glory so you can slice tomatoes without squashing them.


Promising review: “Wow! I was going to buy some whet stones to sharpen my knives but I know I’d be too lazy to use them. Then I saw this gadget advertised on BuzzFeed and though I’d try it for the price. It works exactly as stated. It won’t restore nicked blades but it sharpens amazingly good. Knives that I’ve had for years I was able to sharpen and cut with ease.” —Amazon Customer

My colleague loves this lil’ guy, saying it “totally ~transformed~ my hodgepodge of a knife collection, and probably saved my clumsy self from lots of close calls with dull knives.” Read her full review of the KitchenIQ knife sharpener.

Get it from Amazon for $5.99.


A jewelry-cleaning pen that’ll clear away the dirt, grime, and schmutz your jewels have picked up from everyday wear. Plus, it’s compact enough to fit in your purse so you can use it on the go.

Promising review:If I could give this 10 stars I would! I’m a fanatic when it comes to keeping my jewelry clean, especially my wedding set. I tried this product on my diamonds, Swarovski crystals, and Brighton jewelry, and the results are nothing less than amazing! This restored one of my Swarovski rings that I had not worn in years due to the cloudy color to a sparkling brilliance just like the first day I bought it! I cannot recommend this product enough! I just ordered additional wands so I don’t run out! Home run Amazon!” —Kristina B.

Get it from Amazon for $6.79.

Check out our in-depth review of the Diamond Dazzle Stick to learn more about why we love it.


A beeswax wood polisher so you can revive your embarrassingly worn, dinged, and dented cabinets and table quick as a flash. Plus, this method is a heck of a lot cheaper than actually replacing the wood or furniture piece, and using this polish on a regular basis can actually help keep the wood hydrated so it lasts longer.,

Promising review: “I was a bit skeptical but after reading the reviews, I had to try this. Let me tell you — it does exactly as it states on the product bottle. This is literally the best wood restoration I have ever used! Hands down. I used it on my kitchen cabinets and they look so rich and beautiful. A few had really faded due to the heat from the dishwasher, but it totally brought the newness back!! I want to say I did not receive anything from this company or from Amazon to inflate my opinion. It literally is an awesome product.” —Claudette

Get it from Amazon for $11.


A speedy oven cleaner to de-gunk drippings from your last five years’ worth of meals. It can power through baked-on crud, so all you have to do is wipe it clean.

If your oven is in need of a deep, deep clean, you may need to let this cleaner sit longer, but it’ll do a heck of a job lifting all the barnacles of food bits that are crusted on your oven.

Promising review: “You just spray and then you wipe it clean the next morning and you are done.” —Jason C

Get a two-pack from Amazon for $22.45.


A foot file for anyone who’s rough on their feet but wants their neglected heels in sandal-ready condition. Rub gently and watch the dead skin and calluses fall like shredded cheese to reveal baby soft heels.

Promising review: “I’m not one to talk about my feet. I’ve had circulation problems for years that are just now resolving and that has led to deep callouses on the heel of both feet. I bought this on a whim as I have tried other products in the past with no luck. Twenty minutes later I’m touching baby smooth skin where there used to be deep cracks and rough broken skin. This thing is a miracle worker and if I could rate it 10 stars I would.” —Gully176

Get it from Amazon for $9.95.


A heavy-duty grout cleaner if your tile and grout have been walked all over without a single thought given to treating them to a deep clean. This’ll give you an Anne Hathaway in The Princess Diaries–level makeover. The dirt will just disappear. IDK what else to tell you.

Promising review: “Amazing product. We had very rough grout in high traffic area that I thought for sure would require grinding and regrout. But five minutes and light brushing made it look brand new. Even the really tough areas look new! This works better than any product we’ve ever tried. Money well spent and one bottle did three rooms!” —Scott S.

Get it from Amazon for $19.95.


A pack of stain-removing pads because pet messes like poop, pee, and vomit (and tbh your human messes, too) = a lot of abuse on your cream carpet.

Promising review: “These are amazing!!! Not only do they clean up stains on the floor from my dog, but also any other stain. Leave on for 24 hours for old stains and they’re gone. My dog went to the bathroom on a white comforter and these pads got the stain completely out. Amazing.” —amazonuser

Get a pack of 20 from Amazon for $24.99.


A yoga mat cleaner that’ll finally get rid of that funky foot and sweat smell that lingers in your mat after your daily workout. Nobody wants to get into child’s pose when your mat smells like stinky cheese.


Mind Over Lather is a Toledo, Ohio-based small biz run by Jennifer Peters Coleman, who’s both a chemical engineer and a yoga instructor. It specializes in body care and cleaning supplies.

Promising review: “This is the best smelling spray ever! When I read the ingredients I was astounded at how great and natural they all are! I’ve been spraying in my hair at the beginning of the day and it has made my hair so soft, plus everyone says I smell delicious! I spray it on my mat, but also on my pillows, so I go to sleep surrounded by the smell! The ingredients have cause ZERO irritation, and I have super sensitive skin! It’s the opposite! The witch hazel and tea tree oil have made my skin feel great :)” —Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $10.


A drill brush kit so soap scum that’s built up after weeks of neglect flows down the drain in a matter of minutes. Just attach the scrubbing brush head, flip the switch on your drill, and watch the dirt go straight down the drain.

Promising review: “I let my tub get extra dirty on purpose because I knew this brush set was coming. In five minutes my tub was sparkling clean. This item is no joke. The flat brushes are awesome for big surfaces and the cone brush hits the hard to reach corners. I liked them so much I bought a set for my mom.” —Jason B.

Get it from Amazon for $14.95+ (available in four brush stiffnesses).

It’s safe for unwaxed, non-oiled, polyurethane-finished wood flooring. Just spray it on wood and wipe with a mop or Swiffer.

Promising review: “I moved into an apartment with absolutely disgusting wood floors. Whenever I would walk on it my feet would turn black. I used this product as well as a rag and a cleaning brush. It worked very well and now I’m not scared or grossed-out walking on my floors! The pictures are ‘before’ and ‘afters’ from cleaning.” —fwk

Get it from Amazon for $7.97.


A pack of iPhone chargers for the person who’s notorious for losing/breaking theirs. If Apple had a rewards program, you’d be a platinum member.


Promising review: “I really like the durability for these chargers. I think the price is worth it because the standard Apple ones cost around the same price just for one but break really easily. I was really glad to find the 10-foot one so I can charge my phone while super far away from my outlet. The charging power I would say is even better than the Apple-certified ones. Great product would buy again if I need in future.” —Tommy

Get it from Amazon for $14.99.


A set of pot and pan protectors if you’re guilty of scratching your cookware. These anti-slip pads can be cut to size and are great for preventing chips, locking, and scrapes on your ceramics, glassware, bakeware, skillets, and more.


Promising review: “If you have enameled cast-iron cookware (Le Creuset) you might want to invest in these to keep your pots and pans scratch free. Also works between frying pans, glass bakeware, etc. Definitely worth the price to keep cookware looking and working like new.” —Christine H

Get it from Amazon for $9.99.


A jetted tub cleaner because you soak in the tub daily but rarely does your cleaning routine involve cleansing inside your tub — y’know, the part you can’t reach. This cleanser is made to flush out soap scum, body oils, and those black flakes that gunk up your tub’s jets.

Promising review: “They don’t call this Oh Yuk! for no reason. I previously used Jacuzzi’s two-part system and this worked sooo much better. I was totally embarrassed not to mention grossed out at how much funk came out. It was NASTY! It definitely cleans your tub. You will probably have to clean the sides of your tub after it’s finished because of how much stuff might come out. I swear I clean my tub on a regular basis, but I was amazed at how much better this worked. Highly recommend!” —Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $16.99.


A memory foam seat cushion with cooling gel that’ll support your bum and relieve pressure on your tailbone from sitting on a hard, unpadded chair. Reviewers also say it helps ease lower back pain.

Promising review: “I’m new to having a desk job. Sitting for many hours made my bum burn, and my back ache. My bum doesn’t burn, back doesn’t ache, it seems to hold its shape well and it appears well made. I’m ordering one for my husband.” —Marla

Get it from Amazon for $34.95.


A leather cleaning brush so you can stop crying over your favorite suede booties that were destroyed by rain and mud. This lil’ guy can be used four different ways to clean scuff marks, water spots, and invisible dust.

Promising review: “BUY THIS THING! I got mud on my new suede boots and thought for sure they were ruined, but this brush completely restored them. I was shocked. I even used it on an old pair of boots from college that I have considered ‘ruined’ for several years and it did wonders on getting rid of the filth on top of the suede. I was so impressed! It’s absolutely worth getting and trying for yourself! Scuff marks take a bit more time to improve but they do look better after brushing them.” —Gaby Scott

Get it from Amazon for $6.99.


Or a suede brush kit to wipe away dirt, hair, lint, stains, and water spots with the eraser bar and brush.

Promising review: “This little brush is a beast. Along with the eraser it has taken care of almost all my unfinished leather shoes, except for some red Jello that I had to wash out with a liquid leather cleaner. Works well on both suede and nubuck. Also works well on those wheat colored nubuck boots that are in high demand right now. ԅ། – ‸ – །ᕗ” —Bill B Thorton

Get it from Amazon for $6.99.


Some stain-removing tablets for saving you from having to buy new white socks every month because you stain the ones you own beyond repair. Toss one in with a regular load and your whites will emerge dramatically whiter.

The Fizz Whizz / Etsy

The Fizz Whiz is a small business based in Brandon, Florida.

Promising review: “Washed my clothes and they came out very clean. I put my sneakers in the wash and they were very gross. They came out so clean that they almost looked new. Will buy again, and recommend.” —Daniel Law

Get them from The Fizz Whiz on Etsy for $14.


A cruelty-free vitamin C serum if your dull, tired skin could use some pampering and self-care. Just listen to the 44,000+ people who gave it a 5-star review: this stuff brightens, softens, and dramatically fades hyperpigmentation.,

Promising review:Works as advertised. I find it makes the dark marks disappear much quicker after a breakout. I bought this for mild under eye wrinkles and have definitely seen the difference. Been using it for two months or so and now it’s part of my holy grail products. I also noticed that I have had less breakouts since I started using this product.” —M. Russell

Get it from Amazon for $19.99.


Promising review: “Performs exactly as describes. Have two kitchen sinks that had odors. Tried in both and both no longer have a smell. I’d highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to clean their kitchen drains.” —DPK

Get a two-pack (good for eight uses) from Amazon for $10.22.


A teeth-whitening pen that’ll be a heck of a lot quicker (and taste a lot better) than those irritating whitening strips that slip and slide all over your teeth. If you stain your teeth with wine, dark soda, and coffee, you need this!

You can use each pen ~20 times and should expect your teeth to lighten four to eight shades.

Promising review: “I always worry whether this stuff will actually work, look good, be easy to use, taste decent, be safe for my teeth… This stuff has it all and I’m more than impressed! This photo is just after TWO uses!! Love this product!” —Mindy

Get a two-pack from Amazon for $19.99.


A bottle of Bar Keepers Friend cleanser so your stainless steel pots and pans look presentable instead of covered with mystery stains. It’s also safe to use on porcelain, brass, aluminum, ceramics, and glass.

Promising review: “This stuff really works! I’ve had this kettle for two years now so it has accumulated a lot of stains over the year. I used this stuff on it and a lot of elbow grease (had to do a lot of scrubbing) and I was able to make it look like new! Would recommend!” —BtownGrl

Get it from Amazon for $9.75.

Promising review: “Totally impressed! The unassuming generic packaging and label left me a bit skeptical but this stuff is almost as exciting as the wine I spilled! This cabernet stain sat on my ivory faux fur blanket for over a month before I tried this product. Completely gone in one try! Get this. Seriously. You won’t be disappointed.” —PersianTess

Get it from Amazon for $11.84.


A set of mesh undergarment bags for washing your delicates without ruining the underwire. (RIP that beautiful bra you got to wear like twice before the dryer destroyed it.)


Promising review: “When I got these bags (set of three large and three medium), I wasn’t sure how clean my clothes would get because the weave is considerably tighter than those cheapo net bags. But I’ve used them five times through normal wash and my clothes are clean as ever — and the zippers on these bags actually stay zipped so there’s no loose netting for the bra hooks to hook on to or shirt zippers to snag. That’s what ruined the old bags. These bags are awesome, very sturdy, and protect your fragiles from getting yanked around and stretched. I haven’t had any problem with unraveling and other stupid stuff that happened with the cheap fishnet bags. So glad I found these!!” —Sophia

Get a set of three medium and two large bags from Amazon for $5.97.


An electrical outlet cover with a power strip if you’ve bent and broken a phone charger or two because you pushed your bed flat against the wall…thereby smushing your poor charging cable. It’s also pretty great if you want to hide cluttered cords stat.,

Promising review: “These just came in this past hour and are already in my wall outlets. Several of my outlets are located in odd places with no way around using them or not. I need the outlets. Whenever someone sits on our sofa it pushes against the outlet. I’ve tried power strips with ‘sidesaddle’ outlet plugs but only had limited success. This outlet cover is the solution I was looking for and I feel relieved not to be worrying about the outlet getting damaged.” —JojoB

Get it from Amazon for $23.95+ (available in four lengths).


A durable dog/kiddie pool because the only reasonable thing to do on a sweltering hot day is to take a dip! These are portable and fold down so you can store them in the garage for next summer. And reviewers say they’re sturdy enough to stand up to pups roughhousing in them.

Promising review: “I am now the proud owner of THREE of these dog pools. I have an XXL, an XL, and an S pool for our backyard ‘frogs’ that wouldn’t stay out of the big pools! Yes, I bought the frogs their own pool…that’s how amazing these pools are! We had the XXL and XL pools out every day last summer (changed the water twice per week) and they were used daily by all three dogs. There have been no punctures of any sort or any issues at all with these pools, and my dogs can play pretty rough at times. The XXL pool was used for both the 2018 and 2019 summers with no issues. These pools are literally my dogs’ favorite part of summer… I can’t keep them out of them! As soon as we get back from a walk, they jump right in!” —Kate M

Get it from Amazon for $28.99+ (available in five sizes).


A leather recoloring balm to transform your years-old furniture so it looks less like it spent four years in a college dorm and then three years with roommates (even if it did) and more like it’s straight from the factory floor.

Promising review: “My loveseat was looking cracked and faded again after three years. (It’s 13 years old and sits in a room with a big picture window.) The product worked just as well as it did in 2016. I noticed that some buyers have reported issues with color transfer. I followed the directions on the container and never had that problem. It’s important that you wait five minutes and then buff your furniture with a clean dry cloth. I also used this to restore some leather bar stools that were looking a little faded. Our dog scratched our leather sectional, and this balm took care of the scratch, too. I only used 1/2 a container to do a love seat, four bar stools, and a few scratches on our sectional (pictured above).Casey B

Get it from Amazon for $29.95 (available in 10 colors).


A spinning makeup brush cleaner so you can clean and dry your makeup brushes that are caked with makeup from daily use. This magical machine swirls your brushes in soapy water until leftover makeup, dead skin cells, dirt, and debris are gone, and then it spins the brush until it’s dry.


It comes with the brush spinner, charging station, eight rubber collars that securely connect the makeup brush to the spinner, a glass bowl, and a splash guard ring.

Promising review: “I use my makeup brushes daily, and they get filthy. I’ve used other cleaners and this product wins hands down. The wand and the cleaner itself takes all the hard work and does it for you, not to mention the the brushes dry in seconds. This is the cleanest my brushes have ever been. Highly recommend.” —Valerie

Get it from Amazon for $19.99.


A humble laundry soap bar to brighten whites, spot-treat stains, clean your makeup brushes, degrease your home, repel bugs (it smells like citronella), lure catfish (yes, reviewers swear by it as fish bait), and more.

Promising review: “When I went on my first solo backpacking trip across Ireland, I only had enough room in my pack for three sets of clothes. I contemplated buying individual packets of laundry detergent, but was glad I decided to go with Zote soap instead. It was easy to carry with me and to use to wash my clothes in the sinks at the hostels I stayed it. This bar will last you forever and made my clothes super clean and smelling nice.” —Maryann K.

Get it from Amazon for $3.20.


A plastic- and chemical-free durable wool ball chew toy for chewers who are rough (read: shred into a million pieces) on their toys. These 100% wool balls may not look like they can stand up to your teeth, but satisfied reviewers swear by ’em!

PurrfectPlay / Etsy

PurrfectPlay is a small business based in Chesterton, Indiana. Pam Wheelock, the owner, studied art in college with an emphasis in fiber. That same interest translated to the brand’s mission to create pet products using natural materials like cotton, hemp, and wool.

Promising review: “BEST PURCHASE! Brought home a new puppy the other day and he instantly started playing with this ball. Its absolutely perfect. He just loves to chase it around and chew on it. And even better, it’s not too hard for his teeth and isn’t toxic for him, so I don’t have to worry. Thank you again!!!!! Will definitely purchase more toys from you soon.” —Kaya

Get it from PurrfectPlay on Etsy for $6.95+ (available in six sizes).


A plywood iPhone 12 case if you wanna show off your top-notch style while protecting your phone from your all-too-frequent drops.


KerfCase is a small biz based in Wilmerding, Pennsylvania that makes the coolest wood phone cases.

Get it from KerfCase for $50 (also available for iPhone SE and iPhone 11).


A pill-removing stone because your math club sweatshirt from eighth grade is looking its age thanks to daily wear. This’ll revive it by removing those annoying pills that happen over time.

BuzzFeed / Maitland Quitmeyer

BuzzFeed Shopping editor Maitland Quitmeyer swears by hers! In her own words:

“Like many of you, I’ve been living in sweats and PJs during this almost-year of WFH full time. And it’s made me revisit the state of some of my loungewear. Take for example, this college sweatshirt I wear all the time — as evidenced by the rather EXTENSIVE pilling all over it. So when I saw this pumice-esque sweater stone (it’s made from upcycled car windshield glass — how cool is that?!), I decided it was worth the try. We’ve featured electric pill removers (mostly the fan-favorite Conair one) many times, and they really work. But sometimes you’re looking for a little more detail or control — that’s where this stone comes in handy. I was able to navigate around the contours of the logo on my sweatshirt with ease, removing pills using the corner or the entire flat bottom in a few quick strokes. It truly took no time at all — the sweatshirt was done in mere minutes. The only thing I would note is that particles do ‘fall out’ of the stone, so do your pill-removing on a surface that’s easy to sweep or vacuum up at the end.”

Get it from Celsious (A Black woman-owned, Brooklyn-based small business) for $17 or from Amazon for $9.99.

Your messy self and these products:


The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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