35 Things That I Honestly Still Don’t Really Get About The Marvel Movies

I really just need someone to explain to me how Cap ended up at that bench at the end of Endgame.

Look, I consider myself to be a big MCU fan because I’ve seen all the movies and shows a bunch and I love all the characters, but I also enjoy the events of the MCU the way Scott Lang does: with a lot of enthusiasm and also a lot of confusion.

And even though I’ve religiously watched each installment, there is still so much I still have questions about.


For example, did just, like…no one tell Scott what was going on in Infinity War?

Disney / Marvel Studios / Courtesy Everett Collection

Or Fury, for that matter…but Scott especially. He was legit just doing some tests with Hope and her parents, with absolutely no idea what was going on, when half the world snapped. Also, when he came back, he seemed to know a whole lot. Did his daughter explain it to him? Why wasn’t he more intrigued when Natasha said she gets emails from a talking raccoon?? Did his daughter tell him all about the Guardians?


Second question — Rhodey and Scott appear to have seen Hot Tub Time Machine, but…Sebastian Stan is in that movie. Did they not notice that Bucky was just casually in a movie?

Marvel / MGM Distribution Co.

Hot Tub Time Machine came out in 2010 too, so that was while Bucky was still the Winter Soldier. Guess he was also an actor on the side?


How come Doctor Strange holds the Time Stone and not, you know…the Reality Stone?


His whole thing is reality, and Thanos uses the Reality Stone to do similar tricks to the ones Doctor Strange can do, so why is the Time Stone a Doctor Strange thing instead of the Reality Stone? Also, didn’t the Dark Elves want to, like, revert the universe to some dark beginning? So why didn’t they switch it so that they wanted the Time Stone and Doctor Strange had the Reality Stone??


How old is Wanda?? Steve calls her “just a kid” in Civil War, but two years later she’s holing up with Vision, and then from her timeline (skipping the five years of the Snap), it’s only a few weeks later that she goes to Westview, right? So…is she like 19?

Disney+ / Marvel Studios / Courtesy Everett Collection

I’m thinking the oldest she could be is very early twenties. But she believably has, like, full-on 10-year-old children? I guess she is already mind-controlling everyone, so no one’s gonna bat an eye at that, but still.


And why does Vision manifest himself into an old dude (sorry, Paul Bettany) if he’s technically only a few years old and can look however he wants?

Disney+ / Marvel

Even for a 1950s sitcom world, a 50-year-old marrying a 20-year-old seems a bit weird, but I guess Wanda just had them think that was normal too.


Who is the fake Pietro? Just an actor Agnes found? Then why is he played by Evan Peters?

Disney+ / Marvel Studios / Courtesy Everett Collection

I thought for sure this meant they were finally merging X-Men into the MCU and using multiverses as an explanation, but then he was just some dude?? I’m still so confused.


Why did Jane and Thor break up?


Okay, I think this one was more just…not explained than something I missed, but I’m still confused.


Why don’t the Avengers use the Time Stone against Thanos? Doctor Strange made a big deal about not destroying it and using it against Thanos, then they never did.


Wouldn’t it have come in handy when Star-Lord found out about Gamora and ruined everything?


Why didn’t Fury ever call Carol before the very end of Infinity War?


Okay, I know Carol said she was off helping other planets, which, fine, but you’re telling me Fury didn’t use the device ONCE during the global threats of the preceding movies? He didn’t even TRY to contact her? Kind of irresponsible.


How did Captain Marvel find Tony at the beginning of Endgame?


I mean, I’m glad she did, but…how?


Did Bruce and Thor ever figure out what happened in Civil War?


Tony never really explains it, and it’s unclear what (if anything) Thor knows. Did they ever all…address everything? Does Bruce think they fell out over tacos or something?


How did the rest of the world react to Wakanda revealing their stores of vibranium?


This was a cool ending to Black Panther (and hopefully will come into play in the second one), but then it didn’t seem to affect any of the later movies.


Where the heck was Nakia when everything went down in Infinity War and Endgame?


Seems like she could’ve been helpful?


How can Star-Lord breathe on so many planets?


And if you’re gonna tell me it’s ’cause he’s half god, then what about Peter, Tony, and Doctor Strange when they fought Thanos on that planet in Infinity War? And Natasha and Clint on Vormir? These places just magically have the same gravity and air makeup as Earth?


If Steve went back to be with Peggy, it was in a different part of the multiverse (and thus a different Peggy). So how the hell did he end up back in Bucky and Sam’s universe at the end of Endgame without using the machine?


I guess maybe he could’ve used the machine but came back to an earlier time and then, like, hid in the bushes waiting for them??? IDK.


Also, if Steve went to some other universe, that means there were two Steve Rogers. The other one was in the iceberg, sure, but…what happened to him when he came out? Did the two Steves meet?


Old Steve had to have still been there when Young Steve woke up, because I assume he didn’t leave that universe until Peggy had died, which is AFTER Steve came out of the ice (which we know from Civil War). And I’m assuming Young Steve sought out Peggy. So…what happened there?


And in that timeline/universe, did Steve go back to save Bucky and reveal that S.H.I.E.L.D. was actually Hydra?? Did he stop Bucky from killing Tony’s parents? Did Iron Man even exist then??


Also, like…did he invest in bitcoin? Was he super annoyed that they didn’t have cellphones? Did he feel weird that this wasn’t the exact same Peggy as the one he left? AND HOW COULD HE ABANDON BUCKY?? Even if he saved this version of Bucky, what about the other one??


And what the hell happened to him after he gave Sam the shield?


Did he just immediately turn to dust? He didn’t seem quite on death’s door yet.


How did Hope’s mom not go insane (or starve) with that many years in the quantum realm?


Also, what ever happened to Ava after they tried to get that energy to stabilize her, but then everyone but Scott dusted?


What is Valkyrie’s name, and why do they just call her Valkyrie?


That’d be like calling Diana from Wonder Woman “Amazon.” It’s just a group of people she belonged to…?


How come no one tried to find Bruce after Age of Ultron?


So we know from Ragnarok that Bruce (as the Hulk) fell out of the ship and somehow landed on Sakaar. But, like…no one even tried to look for him? It’s “Stark’s tech,” so why couldn’t Tony try to find him? I’d be pretty pissed if I ended up the Hulk for two years and was forced to kill people, and no one even tried to find me.


How do people not recognize Bucky?


The first episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier confused me. I mean, a) this dude’s an Avenger who helped save the world, b) he was internationally wanted, and c) he’s likely considered the main reason the Avengers broke up. People just don’t recognize him, though?


How does Bucky make money?


He’s got a sad apartment and seems to sleep on the floor, but still, that’s not free. Where does he get money? Also, again, HOW COULD STEVE LEAVE HIM TO LIVE LIKE THIS???


How did Loki fake his own death so convincingly in The Dark World? And, like…why? So he could just cause high jinks and watch theater?


Dude was impaled. He was just fine?


If Gamora’s sticking around in this timeline/universe, what happens to Peter/the Guardians in her original timeline?

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures / Courtesy Everett Collection

Thanos and his army (and Nebula) are now dead in that timeline, which is cool. Are we gonna get a Disney+ spinoff about that?


Also, how did Gamora stick around?


When Tony snapped, I assume he dusted everyone from the other timeline, so was he just thinking, Hey, leave out Gamora, when he did? Did he even know Gamora was there? She’s clearly not dusted in the deleted scene where they all take a knee after Tony dies.


What happened to people who snapped in airplanes or places that were no longer there when they returned?

Disney+ / Marvel

I mean, everyone returns to the spot they snapped in, right? So did people who snapped in airplanes return to 30,000 feet in the air and then fall? Did people snap back to buildings that had been torn down or rebuilt or renovated so that they were literally in the middle of walls?


Were plants snapped?


I feel like no, but the animals were because the birds coming back signaled that Hulk’s snap had worked in Endgame. So why not plants, then?


Why did Heimdall send Hulk to Earth and not Thor?


Either of them could’ve warned Doctor Strange, and I just kind of assumed that Heimdall would want to save his best friend. Did he know that Thor would survive?


How were there, like, any Asgardians left after the Snap?


Alright, so we see Thanos’s henchmen walking over a TON of dead bodies in the refugee ship they escaped from Asgard in at the end of Ragnarok. Basically, everyone seems to be dead but Bruce, Thor, Loki, and Heimdall, the latter two of whom die soon after. So how are there a ton of Asgardians in New Asgard in Endgame?


Could Steve just, like…put the Soul Stone back and bring Natasha back to life?


I mean, he takes ALL the stones to put back, so I assume he puts the Soul Stone back too. Can’t he just, like, exchange it for Nat?


What happened to Cap’s new shield?


The Wakandans give Steve a shield for Infinity War — what happened to that one?


How are these two the same person???

Marvel / Paramount Pictures / Courtesy Everett Collection

Twenty-eight years can age a person, but…the older Howard from Endgame doesn’t look that much older than the one from Captain America — certainly not almost three decades. And they obviously look nothing alike.


What the heck happened in Iron Man 2? Did Tony let Rhodey steal the suit or no?


It’s implied that Tony let Rhodey take the gear. So…why not just hand it over in the first place after he did this whole thing in the beginning about how the government couldn’t own his stuff? I get that he was being self-destructive and all, but I was always confused about whether this was all part of some master plan or what. And if Rhodey DID just take the suit, how’d Tony forgive him so easily?


What happened to the Sokovia Accords after the Snap?


And did the Avengers still, like…do stuff while half of them were on the run? Did they follow the Accords? Were Vision and Rhodey and Tony still considering themselves the Avengers and running around helping people?


And finally, the Avengers do a ridiculous amount of property damage. Who pays for all that?? Even Tony Stark isn’t that rich.


Poor New York. And Sokovia. And everywhere else they had huge battles.

Okay, so this is by no means comprehensive, but I feel much better to have gotten these off my chest. Do you have any answers for me, or are you as lost as I am? Let me know in the comments below!

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