Angel Bismark Curiel Talked About Filming The Final Season Of “Pose,” And The Meaning Behind His Name

2. What’s the last thing you searched for on Google?

Why won’t my dog drink water?

3. Have you ever been starstruck by a celebrity?

When I met John Leguizamo on set for Critical Thinking. I was pretty starstruck because here was the man that kind of set the blueprint for me so to speak, for what I could potentially do in my career.

BuzzFeed: Did you get a chance to tell him how much he inspired you?

ABC: I asked that man for selfies every single day on that set, and we shot for at least six weeks. [Laughs] So I got a couple of photos. I got to pick his brain a little bit. One of the most amazing things he told me was, “You ever notice that athletes train consistently before they go into a game? They never just step into a game. That’s not what’s expected out of athletes. I expect the same out of you as an actor. I expect you to train before you set foot on set.”

4. Is there a special meaning behind your name, Angel?

There actually is. So, originally my mom was gonna name me Sylvester because she had a crush on Sylvester Stallone. The whole time, my aunt was like, “Don’t do that to that boy. They’ll make fun of him in school.” My mom is diabetic, so when she had me, she fell into a diabetic coma. My auntie used that as the perfect opportunity to swoop in and she said, “Now we’re gonna name him Angel after his dad.” So that’s my father’s name.

5. What’s your guilty pleasure?

Not gonna front, I love The Real Housewives of Atlanta. I actually indulged in it last night. If I’m watching with some ice cream, I’m a happy camper.

6. Biggest lesson you’ve learned about yourself playing Lil Papi on Pose?

I think the biggest lesson I learned is I have to be patient with things. [Viewers] really see Papi go through a lot of stuff professionally and personally. And he was always quick to be there for his family. But, he also knew he needed to be patient with them and allow them to want to receive help too. So, learning patience was a big one.

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