Different Generations Are Sharing Their Thoughts On Gen Z, And Some Are Good And Some Are Bad

“They want to be part of a teen movie; not a social movement.”

Reddit user u/drepressionforlater recently asked various generations to share their thoughts on Gen Z. The feedback was varied, but insightful. Here are the top-rated responses:


“They somehow have better delayed gratification than myself and other fellow millennials. Fuck a 1 minute and 28 second TikTok. I want my 6 second Vines back.”


“Some Gen Z’ers refuse to acknowledge the activists of previous generations and just group them as ‘Karens’ and ‘Boomers.’ We think that all older people are bad and that we’re all good, when — while I do notice that a multitude of Boomers are regressive in their ideologies — Boomers thought that exact same way when they were young themselves.”



“The world is changing so rapidly and so many of them are managing to stay empathetic and creating support systems for each other, which is amazing to see. I can’t wait to see what they can accomplish in the future.”



“I think some of them can be too sensitive sometimes. Just my opinion.”



“They inherited the absolute worst of the worst and are simply doing the best they can with the circumstances and their current age, really.”


“Gen X here and I absolutely love Gen Z. They’re so smart and well informed, and they have an awareness of privilege.”



“Millennial here. I hope they don’t fall behind academically because of Covid. I think the last generation that was carefree was probably Gen X — the rest of us have to cover for the mistakes of previous generations.”



“Gen Z is a mix of positive activism and mindless bullshit. I’m all for the movements and conversations they’re trying to start, but disagree with some of the things they’re trying to normalize.”



“I feel like Gen Z (me included) is going to suck at raising kids. I don’t think we’re selfless enough for it.”


“Kids with the whole ‘Gen Z savior complex’ are primarily suburban kids who like the idea of a revolution but never actually revolt. They want to be part of a teen movie; not a social movement. They are doing this for glory. And that’s what bugs me.”



And finally, “I don’t really have a positive or negative opinion of them. But no matter how you slice it, they are an unprecedented generation. They’ve pretty much all grown up in the era of personal computers, cell phones, and the internet, and ‘came of age’ during the time of internet memes and smartphones.”


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