If You’re Trying To Cook More, Here Are 31 Groceries From Walmart That Are Always Helpful To Keep Stocked

Shhhh, don’t tell anyone, but everything you need to make chocolate chip cookies is on this list (minus butter and eggs).

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A pack of canned tomatoes for their incredible versatility—whether you’re making pasta sauce, chili, soup, or any number of other classics, you’ll want to have some of these on hand.


Promising review: “These tomatoes are great for many of my recipes. Use them on tacos too. The six-pack is very convenient to have on hand and the price is right.”—Pennies

Price: $4.98 (for a pack of six cans)


A bottle of Sriracha to add a little kick to whatever you cook. It’s super flavorful and not too spicy, so your food will totally shine.


Promising review: “My husband and our roommate love this hot sauce! They use it on everything.”—Koren s

Price: $3.48


A resealable bag of taco seasoning so you can actually tailor your Taco Tuesdays to just how you like them. And you’ll get use out of this for a ton of Taco Tuesdays.


Promising review: “This is a great way to get a bit better bang for your buck! We use taco seasoning frequently in my house and this is so much better than all the waste of a packet per pound of hamburger.”—Burchfield

Price: $5.34


A pack of canned tuna that’s the perfect starter for any number of easy lunches. Have some with crackers, put it in a salad, or make my fave, the (controversial) tuna melt.


Promising review: “We eat a lot of Starkist tuna in our house! It is not unusual for me to buy 10 cans a month. These wrapped can bundles makes it easy for me to grab and quickly scan to reduce the time in the checkout lane. The taste is mild and even my kids love it with a little real mayonnaise mixed in.”—WalmartCustomer

Price: $6.84 (for a pack of eight cans)


A jar of Better Than Bouillon because it’s so much easier to keep on hand than boxes or cans of stock, and the flavor is just unbeatable.


Promising review: “I recently ran out of chicken broth and a neighbor shared some of this with me. I’ll never go back to can broth or dry bullion! Better Than Bullion is so rich and flavorful and easy to use. It makes everything taste better. I also bought the beef flavor and love it too.”—Birdlady

Price: $3.72 (also available in a three-pack)


A pasta multipack so you can stock up without worrying about getting bored of always having elbow noodles. The variety keeps even the simplest meals interesting.


Promising review: “A must in every household that likes Italian food! Pasta salads, cold or hot, quick snacks to have on hand to heat up and fill up!”—ROYA

Price: $7.98 (for a pack of seven)


A bag of cocoa powder because it’s 2021 and it’s time for everyone to know that making brownies from scratch is The Easiest. Cocoa powder brownies take one bowl and are way more delicious than ones that require melted chocolate.


Promising review: “Use Ghirardelli baking cocoa for the best-tasting chocolate desserts. Add it to smoothies and protein shakes for delicious chocolate flavor.”—WalmartCustomer

Price: $3.98


A box of Minute Rice for those nights when you just need dinner on the table in as little time as humanly possible. This plus a protein (or beans!) and some microwaved frozen vegetables has been a personal mainstay on many a struggle night.


Promising review: “The easiest way to cook perfect rice every time. I love cooking minute rice in the microwave. No pans. No sticking. No constant stirring. No hard rice. No long cooking time. A Pyrex bowl or, even better, a large measuring cup is so easy to use and clean up is a breeze”—Tildiesmom

Price: $4.44


A bottle of honey because we all need a little sweetness :) But for real, you can sweeten just about anything with honey, you can bake with it, add it to your coffee, and even put a squeeze in a marinade for extra flavor and browning.


Promising review: “This honey has the best taste. It’s very large and works great for many purposes. My family loves it. Very smooth and doesn’t take a lot to sweeten your beverage or food.”—Gizelle

Price: $7.93


A (huge) bottle of olive oil that you’ll use in everything—marinades, salad dressings, even the occasional shallow fry. Pro tip: reuse a smaller oil bottle and fill it up from this one to save some counter space.


Promising review: “I love this oil. I use it for everything. Stir-fry, soups, pastas. I have even used in baking a cake and was surprised how good the cake was. It is the best-tasting.”—Teresa

Price: $14.98


A pack of chocolate chips for baking, melting, or just stealing a sneaky few as a snack. I won’t tell.


Promising review: “These are by far my favorite dark chocolate chips. I love that they are a large size and the flavor goes beyond any Nestle or Hershey product. We do the math with these! Walmart beats everyone on price.”—Joseph

Price: $35 (for a pack of three)


A pack of chickpeas so versatile you’ll never run out of uses for them. Hummus? Sure. Roasted as a snack? Absolutely. You can mash them to make a plant based substitute for tuna fish, and even use the water to make meringues!


Promising review: “These garbanzo beans are a great choice and have many mealtime uses like soups and salads, and also are a great replacement for egg whites and even meringues. These beans have good texture and are tasty as well as vegan. Thank you.”—Carol

Price: $16.07 (for a pack of four)


A bag of quinoa that may seem ~fancy~ but is actually just as easy to cook as rice, but with more flavor, texture, and nutrients. It’ll never replace rice, of course, but it’s great to have on hand when you’re looking for a change of pace.


Promising review: “This quinoa is high quality and doesn’t need much rinsing prior to cooking. The price is excellent for organic!”—Shelly

Price: $2.97


A bottle of balsamic vinegar because it’ll help make your food feel like a ~meal.~ Mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil can be lackluster on their own, but add a drizzle of balsamic and you’ve got a Certified Fancy Salad.


Promising review: “We love this stuff. Gotten to where I look for things to put it on!”—Denise

Price: $5.29


A bottle of garlic powder that you can sprinkle on just about anything — I think you could make a shoe taste good with just garlic powder, butter, and a little salt.


Promising review: “One word. WOW!! Incredibly aromatic, and baking does not diminish the flavor!! I sprinkle it generously on all my casseroles, which I usually top with crushed potato chips or whole wheat bread crumbs; and my homemade popcorn would not be nearly as flavorful without it as well. Lots of creative ways to use this delicious seasoning. To give your food a big boost in flavor, try this! Also does not cake up, but remains free flowing. So far, MY CHOICE in all garlic powders I have tried!!”—Arnetage

Price: $3.48 (for a pack of two)


A bag of dry black beans because their flavor and texture blows the canned stuff out of the water. Once you make your own beans, you won’t go back.


Promising review: “Those are the best black beans out there for all required dishes.”—Luis

Price: $6.36


A pack of light brown sugar that’s an absolute necessity for baking. You just can’t get that classic taste and moisture with regular white sugar.


Promising review: “Great Value brown sugar is excellent light brown sugar at a terrific price. The two packages I received were very fresh. No clumping and dissolved easily in mixes and batters. I highly recommend it.”—GGBOB

Price: $3.16 (for a pack of two 2-pound bags)


A pack of low sodium soy sauce so you can better control the amount of salt you’re adding to a dish. Nothing is worse than taking that first bite of a delicious stir-fry and discovering you way overdid it on the salt factor.


Promising review: “Love the less sodium. Regular is just too salty for my taste. This is delicious! Please keep stocking it!”—Cheryl

Price: $4.88 (for a pack of three)


A pack of chickpea pasta that’s just as easy to prepare as the regular stuff, but packs more protein and is gluten-free! It’s a win-win.


Promising review: “I developed a wheat allergy this year and Banza is a true gift — I cook every night and I’ve never found a pasta alternative that can compare! My one note is that the cook times are very generous, I usually cook a good few minutes less than suggested for al dente, especially when tossing with sauce.”—Sharky

Price: $5.76 (for a pack of two)


A box of Bisquick for pancakes on a Saturday morning, biscuits on a Tuesday evening, and sausage balls for breakfast everyday.


Promising review: “I hadn’t used Bisquick in years but decided to order some shipped in my order of other items. I’m so glad I did. I’ve been using it for everything and it’s great. Makes wonderful drop cheese/sausage biscuits. I happen to still have my little Bisquick cook book so I made brownies one day and they were wonderful also.”—Jan75

Price: $6.72


A pack of coconut milk that you might only think of for smoothies or desserts, but I highly recommend having on hand for curries—they’re super easy to put together, taste great, and will use up whatever odds and ends you have in your fridge. Plus did I mention they taste great?


Promising review: “This is a pantry staple for me! I use it often for curry or Dahl recipes. So good.”—morgan

Price: $6.96 (for a pack of four)


A pack of Jiffy cornbread mix to make the perfect side dish in a snap. There are few greater pleasures in life than a hot piece of cornbread with cold butter, and you deserve to have that experience.


Promising review: “Sometimes, Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix is everything needed to accompany a big pot of Great Northern Beans with ham. You don’t always need yellow cornbread baked in a cast iron skillet and it CAN be done without giving up one’s Southern birth certificate. LOL.”—JM

Price: $2.76 (for a pack of six)


A pack of granulated sugar because it is simply a pantry staple. Your kitchen would be incomplete without it!


Promising review: “I highly recommend this product. Keep extra on hand, especially around the holidays for all your baking needs. As soon as I start running low I’ll be back for more. I store mine in the bags used when they are shipped to your home. Ants are not invited to this picnic!”—Frank

Price: $4.58 (for a pack of two four pound bags)


A bag of granola that’s the perfect thing to have on hand for breakfast and snack. Throw some in yogurt with fruit, or just throw back a handful — both ways are delicious and easy.


Promising review: “I’ve tried the other two variations, but this is something I haven’t tried before. My wife hates granola because much of it contains raisins, which she detests. We BOTH now have switched to this one. Not too sweet, the flavor of almonds and chewy cranberries is great. When you first pour into your bowl, the aroma of apples is enticing.”—Fulltimer

Price: $4.48


A canister of oats because if you think you don’t like oatmeal, it’s probably because you’ve never made it yourself. When you can add fruit, nuts, and sweeteners to your taste, it totally changes the game.


Promising review: “Delivered quickly and well packaged. I make homemade granola using this brand and its always great.”—Ksenia

Price: $3.88


A bottle of Sweet Baby Ray’s barbecue sauce perfect for adding some summertime flavor to an otherwise lackluster burger or chicken breast.


Promising review: “This is our favorite barbecue sauce! Sweet and tangy and pairs perfectly with any types of smoked or grilled meats!”—MissouriWriter

Price: $3.54


A jar of salsa for way more than just dipping chips—you can slow cook chicken in it for killer tacos, or add it to any number of other recipes for tons of flavor and no effort.


Promising review: “Great consistency, not watery, and mixes well in eggs for scrambling, and tasty on tacos. Just the right amount of spice, not too hot but adds to the flavor of whatever you use it for. I even add it to a meatloaf mixture and it is well liked!”—PastaLady

Price: $1.98


A pack of all purpose flour for way more than just baking. Do you want to fry? Make homemade mac ‘n’ cheese? You need flour.


Promising review: “I bake a lot. I love to make homemade pie crust, banana breads, biscochito cookies (The New Mexico Legislature adopted the biscochito as the official state cookie in 1989.) This all purpose flour has been a life saver for our family, especially during COVID-19. The quality has been consistent, and the output is so delicious! You will not be disappointed.”—WalmartCustomer

Price: $5.98 (for a pack of two 10-pound bags)


A pack of vanilla extract that might seem superfluous but is an absolute must have. Without vanilla, all your baking will be missing that special something.


Promising review: “Cooking depends on ingredients, and this pure vanilla extract is an excellent choice. It is not an imitation and therefore yields excellent results in one’s baked goods.”—Roger

Price: $7.38 (for a pack of two)


A pack of baking powder to add lift and body to anything you bake. Plus, you can coat chicken wings in baking powder and bake them for a crunch that rivals the fried kind.


Promising review: “The only brand I buy. I and my spouse were professional chefs and restaurateurs for many years. Clabber Girl is the only baking powder we know will always produce the necessary results in our kitchen. It is great stuff!”—Kim

Price: $16.99 (for a pack of two)


A bulk bag of baking soda because yes you do need both baking powder and baking soda, I promise. And this one is so huge, you can scoop some out to use for deodorizing your fridge or scrubbing off stuck-on stains on cookware.


Promising review: “This has a lot of uses, beyond just the cooking applications that most people are familiar with; you can use it in laundry, in your litter box to help cut down odors, you can clean things with it, add baking soda to your bath water to relieve sunburned or itchy skin, make a paste of baking soda and water and apply to a burn or an insect bite for relief, clean your refrigerator with a solution of one-teaspoon baking soda to one quart of warm water and a personal favorite of mine is a paste of baking soda removes red sauce stains from plastic. So buying this big package will come in handy with all the many uses there are. If you do a quick search online you will find dozens more things to use it for.”—JKT1832

Price: $3.88

Need ingredients for all your new recipes? Shop each recipe directly through the app, or check out Walmart’s grocery selection to get veggies, meat, seafood, and more delivered right to your door.


Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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