People Of Color Are Sharing The Most Problematic Thing A Teacher Has Ever Told Them, And It’s Unfortunately Relatable For Many

“I planned on being a lawyer. My counselor said, ‘Maybe you should become a hairdresser.'”

Recently, Twitter user @shaTIRED
struck a nerve when they asked the internet, “What’s the meanest thing a teacher has ever said to y’all?” While I was busy trying to suppress any unwanted memories, others chimed in with stories that ranged from teachers causing them minor embarrassment to borderline harassment. However, some of the most standout responses came from people of color, who remembered microaggressions, stereotyping, and flat-out racist remarks. Here are some of the wildest stories that, for some, are unfortunately very relatable:


@shaTIRED In the second grade I had forgotten to get a paper signed and the teacher pulled me outside of the class and told me if I didn’t get it sign she would call child service and take me from my mom. She knew I was adopted as well –

Twitter: @EliAki2 / Via Twitter: @EliAki2


@shaTIRED In the 7th grade, we did some project or other about colleges. I said I wanted to go to Stanford (prestigious college in Cali).

She said I must mean UConn-Stamford.

But as a youth, my confidence was so high that I just thought “Wow, she’s never heard of Stanford. That’s sad.”

Twitter: @ColleenARoache / Via Twitter: @ColleenARoache


@shaTIRED In high school, my physics teacher said my fascination with science and math is “hilarious” because “statistically” I am far more likely to be “another pregnant Hispanic” than a scientist. A few students laughed and nodded in agreement.

Twitter: @vanessachemedu / Via Twitter: @vanessachemedu


@shaTIRED i wasn’t even in this mans class but i had people coming from his class to tell me that he had been comparing me to a psychopath because i had come in with my natural type 4 hair 😀

Twitter: @miahlee04 / Via Twitter: @miahlee04


@shaTIRED Guidance counselor meeting.
The Jr High aptitude test ranked me in the top 3 percent. So we were to meet to discuss my future.
I said I planned on being a lawyer
“You have such nice hair…maybe you should become a hairdresser?”

Twitter: @RR416 / Via Twitter: @RR416


@shaTIRED @bdhisattva In 8th grade my teacher was assigning us a project and she turned to me and said that when I present “don’t be talking ghetto like ya momma from the hood”. She was yt & I was the only black student in the class. My parents came up to the school and she was forced to resign 💀

Twitter: @MingsGolden / Via Twitter: @MingsGolden


@shaTIRED College pre law advisor told me that she can tell I’m from a disadvantaged background, I haven’t had any opportunities like this prior to meeting her and it’s okay if I can’t afford dress clothes for my internship interview. This is just a portion of a 30 min conversation

Twitter: @tidodi_ / Via Twitter: @tidodi_


@shaTIRED 4th grade teacher had her cop husband come in to the class with a lie detector machine. While asking class for volunteers they looked at me + the only other black student & said some of you will be hooked up to a lie detector in your future. Then laughed.

Twitter: @DeliaPR / Via Twitter: @DeliaPR


@shaTIRED I was the only Latinx kid in my school. 99.9% white.

In AP English, the white teacher told me that I shouldn’t be in her class. That I didn’t speak English well enough, and I was wasting everyone’s time and my parents’ money because people like me didn’t go to college.

Twitter: @ai_valentin / Via Twitter: @ai_valentin


@shaTIRED I had a teacher in my very rural town tell a classmate and I: “We don’t do ghetto things like that around here.”
We were in 4th grade, at recess, outside minding our own business, singing the lyrics to a song.
We also were born and raised in this town.

Twitter: @shakkirasays / Via Twitter: @shakkirasays


@shaTIRED “A B- is a perfectly good grade for someone with English as a second language.” I’d been speaking English for 8 years. It was a multiple choice test that was graded by machine as 100%. She inked a red B- and called my parents to a ‘conference’ & this was her reason.

Twitter: @ergoBrainScan / Via Twitter: @ErgoBrainScan


2nd grade: told me the white boy who walked me to class daily ‘had a thing’ for brown girls; that he was only nice to me bc I was brown

7th grade: mocked me for using ‘big words,’ told me to stop showing off. Classmates started bullying me & reading didn’t felt safe for *years*

Twitter: @prachigu / Via Twitter: @prachigu


@shaTIRED I had a cheer coach line up the black girls on the team from darkest to lightest (darker girls would be closer to the entrance of the hallway the players come out of so less visible) and then said ahhh perfect. Yes she was drunk and yes nothing happened

Twitter: @lillie_gal/ / Via Twitter: @lillie_gal


@shaTIRED “Oh I thought you’d be wearing an Oriental costume,” I had moved to Texas and was wearing a cute cowgirl outfit. I still stand by the fact my Halloween costume was fire!

Twitter: @HsuChristineC / Via Twitter: @HsuChristineC


@shaTIRED in my 3rd grade music class my teacher announced in front of all the other students how my name would get pronounced wrong for the rest of my life after doing roll call ??? like the micro aggression was real

Twitter: @damyaeverett / Via Twitter: @damyaeverett


@shaTIRED “Disconnected Indigenous people only want to reconnect with their community for the casino money” (stated after I said that my family is reconnecting because my Métis mom was adopted during the Sixties Scoop in Canada)

Twitter: @JennRokaya / Via Twitter: @JennRokaya


In 5th grade(2005), a student brought cake for the entire class for their birthday

When I went up to get my slice, the teacher literally stopped me & said “you can’t have cake, Muslims don’t celebrate birthdays”

I had to walk in shame back to my seat and watch the others eat 🙃

Twitter: @SherazFarooqi_ / Via Twitter: @SherazFarooqi_


A boy who been picking on me all year—teacher thought it was cute—sat behind me during story corner and complained he “can’t see because of all the nappy hair.” Teacher said my mother should know how to control my hair, and leaving it so unruly was disruptive and bad parenting.

Twitter: @ElleOnWords / Via Twitter: @ElleOnWords

I’m sure there are a million similar stories out there, so I’ve got to know. What was the meanest thing a teacher has ever said to you? Let us know in the comments.

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