Ramadan Is Almost Over And Here Are 15 Relatable Tweets That Have Gotten Me Through It

Ramadan flew by way too quickly and I’m in a glass case of emotions.

The 30 days of Ramadan are coming to an end and I’m not ready at all. I feel like it just started??

But Muslim Twitter kept me laughing the entire time so it’s only fair I share some of my favorite tweets with y’all:


When Ramadan first started, we immediately realized it’s never too early for an existential crisis.

Twitter: @beleeeeveme


I’m sure we all did a lil dance when Ramadan started and realized the devil can’t hurt you anymore.

Twitter: @aekcz


Did you really experience Ramadan if no one took your shoes from the masjid at least one time?

Twitter: @laithalq


Please don’t ask people why they’re not fasting.

diversity and inclusion has gone too far. why did one of my (non-Muslim) students tap on my car window to ask me why im drinking coffee when I’m supposed to be fasting…

Twitter: @saintfadumo


Everything’s a little off when you’re fasting.

Just prepared for iftar by filling up a glass of water while texting W the other hand. And then drank the water. Three minutes before fast breaking. That’s ok right? Ahhhh

Twitter: @radbrowndads


For my ladies, we can’t forget about those few days when we get to rekindle our relationship with food.


By the end of the month, meals just become more and more chaotic.

I love how my suhoor begins to not make sense towards the end of Ramadan

I ate Brussels sprouts and a handful of goldfish this morning 😂

Twitter: @kindofmeem


You gotta appreciate the effort masjids put in to have events for the kids.

Twitter: @jhabashy15


Eating on Eid morning will always be a weird experience.

That haraam feeling when you eat breakfast on Eid but you remember you’re not fasting

Twitter: @akhnextdoor

What’s been the best part of Ramadan for you?

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