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Bargain hunting couple turn plain rented house into stunning home for £500

Flo Sandler and her photographer husband, Oli Sandler, from Medway, Kent, have filled their two bedroom property with colourful wall art, canvases and furniture

Flo Sandler, 31, has put her bargain hunting skills to good use by helping to decorate the rental house

A couple of bargain hunters with an eye for colourful design have turned an average rented terrace house into a stunning home for just £500.

Flo Sandler, 31, and her photographer husband, Oli Sandler, 31, from Medway, Kent, moved into their rented, terraced 2 bed property in 2019.

Now the plain home has now been redesigned with amazing wall art, canvases and furniture, all with a bold and colourful feel.

Yet despite the incredible look of the house, Flo has only spent an astounding £500 on the project.

The jewellery production manager, said: “The vinyl printed wall art came to a total of £200, with the wall tape and paint amounting to an additional £100 and the remaining furniture and d cor costing £200.”

Flo and her husband have redecorated their home by spending just £500


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They have used vibrant colours to give a new feel to the average property


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Flo has a knack for bargain hunting, although interior design on a budget was never her first intention.

She said: “Money was never really an object for me, but I’ve always been good at finding uses for cheaper things and reusing items.

“It’s been a big factor to my creative process, I would always rather collect the materials first and then see where I am instead of spending loads of money on the finished product.

“As it is a rented home, I never wanted to spend loads on something I wasn’t always going to be in, however it was also important for me to be comfortable and to enjoy my home.”

Flo started the project at the beginning of lockdown last year, after previously struggling with her mental health.

Flo said that she has always collected bargains that she felt could be interesting to use in the future


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“When the lockdown was first started, it gave me a chance to get back in touch with my creativity,” she said.

“It was incredibly therapeutic and great for my healing process after a difficult period of time.

“I have always been a creative person, regularly designing clothing and jewellery when I was younger, but I always wanted to get into interior design.”

Flo credits online platforms like Instagram and Pinterest for giving her confidence and inspiration.

She said: ” I never had the confidence to go for it until I started interacting more with the online communities.

“They are so informative and helped give me inspiration for my own ideas of removable decor for rented homes, and to take existing things and put my own spin on them.

“I have used my Instagram page as a creative log where I’ve regularly updated our home’s journey.”

Flo’s favourite rooms in the home are her two bedrooms located upstairs in her home.

The pair moved in two years ago and have completely transformed it


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She added: “We have two bedrooms upstairs and the main bedroom is more laid back and relaxed which I love.

“My usual style is sort of everything, everywhere but this room was a little more considered more mature than the rest of my style.

“The spare room has been unoccupied for the whole of lockdown and beyond really, so I just went full out and had loads of stuff in there.”

Her favourite pieces of furniture in the house were very difficult for her to decide on.

She said: “I noticed a trend in the online community with colourful, upcycled drinks trolleys which I thought was really cool.

“I bought myself one and the gold colour was really faded so I spray painted it bright pink, which I am really proud of it, it was simple but effective.

“I also recently tried leather painting a smaller green, modular sofa bench we have which I was also really happy with.”

Flo’s husband, Oli, has always been supportive of her creativity at home.

Flo said: “He isn’t really involved in the styling, but he loves taking pictures of the home for the Instagram page, so I think we make a good team.”

Flo said that the landlord is not a big fan of the makeover to the property but realises that everything is removable


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“He enjoys being surrounded by something that’s a bit different, and it is always fun to have people over and see their reactions.

“It’s been a journey, and there has definitely been times where we haven’t been on the same page with ideas, but we always share our opinions and its very democratic.”

Flo’s friends and family have always also been really positive when it comes to her home design.

She added: “I cannot ever recall any negative comments we have had from loved ones, but we have definitely had some negative comments online which people see to have more confidence in sharing when they do not know you.

“Funnily enough, our landlord has never been the biggest fan of the project, but he is aware that everything is removable and not permanent, so he is understanding.

The couple are planning to leave their property soon, as they have recently bought their first home together


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“He is a carpenter and when we moved in the house was full of quirky wooden features which we both loved, but it was just too bland, and I always knew I wanted to add my own touch to it.”

The couple are expecting a baby in February next year, and are planning to leave their property soon, as they have recently bought their first home together.

Flo said: “It’s a really exciting time for us right now and I am sure when we are moved in at some point, I will start designing again.

“As we are excepting though it is definitely getting put on the back-burner for some much-needed rest and relaxation!”

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