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Brit who left fortune to bellboy in will also gave him money for kids’ education

Taskin Dasdan has vowed to continue working at the Korumar Hotel De Luxe in Aydin, Turkey, despite the unexpected windfall from British holidaymaker Charles George Courtney

British tourist Charles George Courtney struck up a close bond with hotel bellboy Taskin Dasdan

A hotel bellboy has vowed to continue with his day job despite being left a small fortune by a wealthy guest – who also previously paid for his children’s education.

Taskin Dasdan was shocked to find late British holidaymaker Charles George Courtney had left him the majority of his money in his will when he passed away earlier this year.

It is not clear exactly how much money Taskin was given but it is understood to have been more than enough to retire and leave his post at the Korumar Hotel De Luxe in Aydin, Turkey.

However, he has said he will continue working because he loves the opportunity the job gives him to meet new people.

Mr Courtney, from Hastings, East Sussex, would holiday in the same room at the hotel every year and struck up a close bond with the bellboy.

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Mr Courtney would holiday at the Turkish hotel every year



He was also very popular among other hotel staff, and several have been left money as well, though Taskin was given the lion’s share, according to reports.

Taskin said he knew Mr Courtney was generous because he once gave him some money for his children’s education.

“At the hotel, we treat everyone equally, we treat them as family, not as tourists,” Taskin – who has worked at the hotel since 1990 – told the Bayez Gazete.

“We got a phone call from England after Charles passed saying that he had left us a large share of his inheritance.”

Mr Courtney always stayed in room 401 and it became known as ‘Charlie’s Room’ and the bellboy said it will always remind he and his colleagues of their favourite guest.

The elderly holidaymaker, whose age has not been confirmed, died on an unspecified date this year.

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